Metrowalk * 081608

Last night was Metrowalk night with Besty Eunice. I had an awesome, awesome time! It sucks that we hardly get girltime lately. Oh well. The addition of Marc and Patchu last night didn’t really spoil the supposedly estrogen filled night out. Boys are amusing, especially when they talk about poker terms that I don’t understand and why Richard Gutierrez is better than Dingdong Dantes. Weh? Wtf.

Hell yeah. Last night was awesome awesome weird odd! :p

The noisiest people in Aruba * Maitai and Wengweng * Why the hell are we talking about Richard and Dingdong?

Yo with the other Donnie (hahaha) * Sick Genius Marc and Human Counter Me * Happy little punks in Good Earth

I need another night like this.

(Panawagan: Jap, Donnie, Colleen, Levi, Joel, Oryx… mga leche. Sumama kayo sa susunod. Yo and I miss you loads.)


listening to: Rihanna – Disturbia

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  1. let me be the first to say…

    weh. 😀

  2. Yo

     /  August 18, 2008

    let’s drink some more!!!!!! i had so much fun. i therefore conclude that mark is one hell of a lucky bastard hehehhe.

  3. i’m just curious… why is richard gutierrez better than dingdong dantes?

  4. joko: let me be the first one to say… SIRA ULO. nyahahaha. *batoks*

    yo: kahit wala na yung “one hell of a lucky”. mwehehehe.

    sab: actually, he’s not. marc just insisted that richard has more “masa appeal”. well, that and a couple of other reasons that my mind didn’t seem to absorb. i like dingdong better. tgis days pa lang. oh shoot. there goes my inner jologs. :p

  5. hahaha! i actually think Richard is too clean. i saw him at Powerplant once and i swear nakakasilaw sya dahil sobrang puti nya. i like em tall and dark and bad… haha.

    tgis! dingdong! toni! hahaha!

    why are we even having this conversation? haha!

  6. ok. we shall end this convo then…

    but i just have to say first that i want to watch his movie with kc.

    waaaaah! kahit na sa pirated de-be-de lang! hahahaha!


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