Things that I said I’ll do but don’t get around doing

Make my cursive handwriting as purtee as a computer font

I want my i’s dotted impeccably. I want fluid strokes in the loops of my g’s and p’s. I want my t’s crossed out with precise horizontal straight lines. I want the size consistent and the stance only a wee tilted to the right.

To feed this compulsion and obsession, I will rip off any page that will not adhere to my computer font dream.

Get my contrary-to-popular-belief lazy ass out of Luzon

According to the stars (and people who think they know me but don’t), people born under my sign, Sagittarius are suckers for travel, may it be an aimless journey or a creditable expedition. I am blaming it on my cusp that I do not fit the usual Sagittarius make-up. Sorry kids, Isabela’s the farthest I’ve set foot in.

I convinced Jap and Yo to spend an adventure trip with me next summer in Bora or Davao or Cebu or Bohol or anywhere in Southeast Asia… anywhere!

One suggested we go to Palawan. I said yes. And to my dismay (and geographical obtuseness), I realized that it’s still part of Luzon.

Unleash my creative skills. Yes, skills, not talents.

I don’t wake up with a story in mind that can flow like blood from pen to paper. I don’t have the brilliance of a renaissance artist to put stick figures in canvass and make them look like poetry in colors.

However, I do believe that I am not so inept when it comes to writing and painting, so I will create to please the minority of my audience. I am that minority. I shall create for my own gratification. Watch me not care.

Watch ASAP Live and declare my love for John Lloyd Cruz.

Funny huh? Not all things funny are jokes. I will really do it. Sorry, it’s just the inner showbiz commoner that’s hankering to get out. So if you love me– if you reallyreallyreally love me– come watch ASAP with me and act as the leash that will prevent me from jumping on Lloydie.

But at least, allow me to blow a kiss to Papa P! Haha.

Praise and worship a la alive-alive-alive-forevermore.

This is not a joke. I do miss the high of being around people speaking in tongues (shamana shamana) and singing with sheer holy joy about their faith. I have no qualms being Catholic, but I don’t let my religion tie my relationship with the Supreme Being down.

Much as I trust my own faith, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade it through waving my hands in the air and losing myself in the revelry of His ways.

I’d really appreciate it if any of my readers will invite me to a day of praise and worship. Don’t be scared. What you heard about me is not true. I am not Satan’s spawn. Even if I were, set you mind to enjoy the challenge that is moi!

That’s all for now. There are still a lot of things I want to do that need execution. I will blog about them when I am sure to be equipped with the drive and the commitment essential to achievement.

This entry will be my contract. The publish button, my signature.


listening to: Gabrielle – Dreams

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  1. kAt^me0w

     /  August 19, 2008

    inspiring entry ate iya πŸ™‚

  2. na experience ko rin yun mapiligiran ng mga taong nag “shamana shamana”… nakakalowka! pero nakakamiss din minsan.

  3. I miss our LSS days.. 😑

    I better get back to reading and then get back to writing. I shock fully intimately need to brush on my grammar. TERRIBLE. My opportunities kept on knocking but I no longer have my paragraphs right written in perfect (or at least understandable) sentences.

  4. nice entry. πŸ™‚

    now this makes me want to do some reflections on the things i ought to be doing as well.

  5. wow, babe u do miss it na? ehe I miss it a lot… “shamana shamana” ehe, meron din “alel” too bad, i don’t have the gift of interpretation…:) I don’t really understand what they are saying, but point is, I miss singin, shouting and jumping for HIM.:) haaay… miss the old times…

  6. i will answer rin!
    sasamahan kita sa ASAP. bow.

  7. kat: thanks!

    bonnie: tapos may himatayan portion pa minsan… :p

    kat: eh si ate patti, namimiss mo? πŸ˜€

    homey: korek… si coach sabi attend ako sa 5th floor pag saturday, eh gusto ko wag naman sana sa office diba.

    joko: yahoo! makikita mo ako na hinahaplos-hagod si lloydie. haha joke.

  8. Really? Praise and worship? I should have taken you with me to church back when I was still there.

  9. Sagittarius din ako! apir!

    and sale uli Cebu Pacific! πŸ™‚ tara na!

  10. nico: victory ka diba? i might try going there soon. sa may galleria… tama?

    sab: sana sa october makaalis na ako! cebu, bohol, sultan kudarat… bahala na si batman! hehe

  11. justastateofmind

     /  August 21, 2008

    i’ll watch asap with you!

    and i’m trying to think of things i should’ve done. ang dami eh.

  12. Actually, mas malapit yung sa Galleria sa akin but I go to the one in UP. I feel more at home there. πŸ˜‰

  13. MIKI: arrrruuu…. tara na! ASAP field trip na ito!

    NICO: weh? where in UP? i wanna go! i waannnnaaaa goooo!

  14. Huh, I didn’t know as well that Palawan is still part of Luzon. Que horor! πŸ˜‰

    I once went to a “born again” service and the sermon was 3 hours long! Sermon pa lang yon. In total it took about 5 hours for the whole thing. Never again.


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