To my bitch in shining armor…

Belated happy birthday to my soulmate, eternal curse, loveofmylife, bestfriend, and bitch in shining armor rolled into one.

I love you so much, Donnie.

I miss you and I can’t wait for October for your uber late celebration. I know you’re busy, too busy to even read this. But if by some stroke of luck, you see this, let me just remind you that you are one year closer to marrying me.

Remember the deal I had with your Dad? If we reach 39 and we’re still both single, you would have to marry me. I know you are contemplating suicide when you reach 38. Mwahahaha.


listening to: Geri Haliwell – Circles Round The Moon

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  1. aaawwwwe.. sweet.

    this reminds me, i used to have that kind of deal with a friend from college. 😉 i am happy for him that we do not have to resort to that. LOLz

  2. kAt^me0w

     /  August 26, 2008

    belated happy birthday to kuya donnie!

  3. What a lovely picture so sweet.


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