A. Wow! B. Fantastic! C. Wow, fantastic!

Last night was… C!!!!


Went to Kroc Greenbelt, Cuisine, and Jay-Jay’s with Oryx, Yo, Lean, and Wender. We passed by Tabu. The place was dead. Passed by Piedra. I wanted the crowd dead.

Pigged out on carcinogenic food and drank vodka that cost P7,000 with Red Bull and lemon.

Got to dance and meet new friends.

I want to do it again.

And I want to see the gorgeous guy from Cuisine again.

Hmmm… dapat pala napicturean ko si gorgeous guy!



listening to: Happy Feet – Boogie Wonderland

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  1. sexy ni iya! love the red lips!

    sayang! we wanna see the guy too!

  2. let’s go out again!!! i had a blast! pero ang cute talaga nung guy….ibabalato ko na yun sa yo!! asus magfeeling daw ba ako wahahaha. still have the weekend hangover…must be the effect of the pricey vodka wahahahhahaah

  3. sab: wow thanks! dapat pala dumaan din ako sa a-venue for the dutdutan thingie. saw in ur blog that u went there! 🙂

    yo: sana hindi sya bading… sana hindi sya bading… kelangan ko ito ipag-novena. :p may hangover ako from the bibingka. :p sawap! :P~~~~

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