In The Bag

One of my pet peeves is people snooping the contents of my bag. Try me and watch as I cast you a stare that can pulverize a rock.

I don’t care if you’re my friend, my lover, or even John Lloyd. Don’t check the insides of my bag uninvited.

Not that I’m hiding anything of dire importance there. There’s nothing inside that can detonate and imperil the world. Nothing that can get me arrested. No mutilated body parts. No object of secret shame.

Really? you ask. Really! I answer

Hah, but even if that’s not the case, I’ll tell you what you can expect to see inside my bag. Maybe this will help YOU realize how boring my tote is. Maybe this will help you stop skulking.

In my bag, you will find…

I’m partial to spearmint,  but peppermint is easier to find. I either get Tic-tac or Cool Air. The stronger, the better. I’m done with my Snow Bear phase.

I like Chokies Orange and Mrs Goodman’s Soft Chunkee White chocolate chip cookies. These goodies prevent me from the horrors of gastritis attacks.

Oil-free oundation, non-comedogenic pressed powder, very red and subdued pink lipsticks, liquid eye liner, dark brown eyebrow pencil, waterproof mascara and rose-scented oil-blotting paper. Gone are the days when baby powder and lip gloss were sufficient to prettify me. 

I bought the big ones I’m using now from a tiangge, because I’m a self-confessed kuripot and I just use it more as a headband than shield for my eyes.

Four out of five of my hankies are Armando Caruso and Pierre Cardin, because my Dad has too many! As aforementioned, I am kuripot, so why bother buying more when I can just get loads for free?

I still use the phone provided by Eperformax. It’s a Nokia 55something. I never cared for snazzy mobile phones, since I am eternally afraid of losing it in public transpo.

I did say I’ll never buy me one and I didn’t! The Shuffle was given to me by a childhood sweetheart whose work involves Mac products.

A stick or two of Winston Lights. I’m trying to cut down my nicotine intake. So far, so good. My lighter is always yellow or black. For extreme reasons: easy finding or stealth.

This has my atm-mrt-health insurance cards, money, 2-3 hairclips. And occasionally, rubber. Rubberbands to put my hair up in a ponytail. 🙂

That’s pretty much it. Nothing spectacular. Told you, no mutilated body parts.

But if YOU continue skulking, there might be some soon enough. Yours.



listening to: Robbie Williams – Rock DJ

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  1. i hate it when security guards take it longer than usual to check my bag (especially when it’s small). i know it’s their jobs… but sigh.

    btw. i love the bag! i love me some cricket too! i like mine in blue, black or purple. 🙂

  2. i loathe mrt security guards. *bow*

  3. Finch

     /  October 20, 2008

    @sab : that is because security guards are asstarded-tomato-brain-base-organisms. lol

    “And occasionally, rubber. Rubberbands ”

    — haha XDD

  4. chunkee… hmm hmm hmm

  5. hay gurl, i wish we can get together and get drunk pero kaylangan ko muna malagpasan tong diet ek ek, pero pwamis, papakalasing tayo once im safe. hehehe.

    (etchoze, ngayon lang twice na ako lasing this week, bwahahah)

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