Some of my guilty pleasures that I will not apologize for:

Speaking my impassioned mind no matter how brazen the idea and no matter how faulty the timing.

Declaring my love for John Lloyd Cruz– shamelessly.

Reading medieval romance novels with the same plot, heroine is unladylike and is 6-8 years younger than the hero and is not conventionally pretty. Hero is a darkhaired silver-eyed god posing as a man with corded muscles and a title and colossal wealth. Heroine develops into a creature of exquisite beauty and grace in the 4th or 5th chapter. Hero admits his love for her in the 3rd or 4th to the last chapter. There is always an epilogue with them in a happily ever after, a rich estate, hundreds of servants, and babies who look like cherubs.

Updating my Friendster shoutout or Facebook status just to get attention. (Don’t be a hypocrite. You do it, too. Though maybe not as frequent and as boldly as me.)

Singing hits that seem to be only known to me in videoke, like The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get by Morrissey and Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. The guilt comes from my rockstar pretense and massive self-denial that my voice can cause all hell to break loose. Occasionally, I try to blend in and sing hits oozing with oldschool juice– Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Elvis or Step by Step by NKOTB– complete with dance steps! But my favorite now is Spandau Ballet’s Gold. (You are gooooooooold… you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible… always beliiiiieeeeve it…. you are gold! :P)

Collecting food receipts. The pleasure is derived from knowing I can reach the amount I have to turn in for the liquidation report yada blah. The guilt is from harassing my friends into compiling their Starbucks receipts for my own benefit.

Writing. I like checking if my penmanship has improved. Parang hindi pa rin. Hehe.

Breaking my diet and eating really chipetix (and probably dirty) food. Adong tops my list. Bet you don’t know what Adong is. No, he’s not a tricycle driver. Not even your friendly neighborhood basurero! It’s what we call cheap local chocolates in Bataan. Next to Adong is Chao San Si, it’s made in China and I don’t give a rat’s ass if it has melamine. I love the bamboo shoots, mushrooms, chili, and pork too much to care for toxins. Aaaaaannnnddd… I lovelovelove the karekare from one of the eateries near the MRT Boni station. I always ask the manang for extra sabaw and extra bagoong alamang!

Playing patintero in Gil Puyat when rushing my bum to the office. It’s my idea of living dangerously. Beating the stoplight with my agile mind and quick legs gives me a natural high. The lethal glares from Makati drivers take me higher. Definitely better than any morning caffeine kick.

Setting the alarm 7am, and pressing the snooze every 15 minutes until I finally get up at 8:45 to get ready for my 10am shift. I just like idea of waking early. It’s the getting up part I have to work on.

Checking if Mr. Friday check out almost every entry I have in Multiply blog. Almost every entry is about him.

Seeing everything go according to plan. I’m a sucker for following my own rules. A bigger sucker for making others follow them. There are exceptions though. Like when I realize their rules are better (or more beneficial) than mine.

Blatantly dissing annoying MRT passengers during rush hour. Last month, some bitch stepped on my foot and hurriedly walked away without even tossing me an apologetic look. With my big toe throbbing with pain, I chased her all the way to the escalator and demanded an apology. When she spat out a flimsy sorry, I told her to go back to hell.

Watching a movie alone. In the cinema. I’d rather be alone than be with a concentration-wrecker. Unless of course it’s a funny movie. I’m an odd bean but not odd enough to launch into a laughfest on my own in public.

Eating alone in public. This is not really pleasurable, but I like the idea of having to finish my meal in a short time, it rids me of wanting to stuff myself more. Hence, this keeps me in shape.

Blogging ludicrous and more ludicrous stuff about me to keep my friendly readers entertained and my anonymous haters annoyed.


listening to: Audioslave – Like a Stone

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