Taken from cosmopolitan Philippines September 2008

1. The odds are stacked in your favor: There are 120 single men in their 20s for every 100 women in the same age bracket.

2. More than half of men change their sheets before a first date. Hey, they’re optimists.

3. Less than a quarter of men say that if they take your number, they’ll definitely call.

4. Most guys say it’s more important that a girl has a pretty face than that she has a hot body.

5. They’d really rather get your number than give you theirs.

6. To meet a guy, head to the dance floor, not a bar stool: Men are more likely to notice you if you’re in motion. It goes back to the hunting days, when guys on the prowl (literally!) had to spot moving targets from miles away.

7. Don’t freak if your first date is filled with awkward silences. Men aren’t socialized to keep conversations going smoothly the way women are – even when they’re interested.

8. If a guy’s ring finger is longer than his second finger, it means he has high testosterone levels…and is more likely to have a higher sex drive than a dude with same-length digits.

9. Most guys would date a girl who is older than they are – only 10 percent say they wouldn’t.

10. A third of guys keep their ex-girlfriend’s number in their cell phones forever. More than 20 percent hang on to it for at least a few weeks.

11. Of the dudes who keep their ex’s number, one in five say it’s for potential booty calls.

12. Booty-call etiquette: 59 percent of men prefer when you’re the one who initiates hook-ups.

13. Guy’s top ways to unwind, starting with their most favorite: zoning out in front of the TV or computer, drinking, exercising, and masturbating. “All of the above” was not an option.

14. About a quarter say it’s okay to lie if it spares someone’s feelings.

15. You know how you swoon over men in uniform? According to guys, the sexiest professionals are models, flight attendants, and dancers.

16. If a cutie straightens his tie, pulls up his socks, or adjusts his cap, it’s a form of preening and accenting his masculinity before he hits on you.

17. Guys will use their obnoxious friend as a wingman. They send in the shameless jerk to start a conversation, then go in to “smooth things over.” Sooo chivalrous, right?

18. Men say work and school are the best places to meet potential girlfriends, followed by bars/clubs, setups through friends, and house parties.

19. Muscular types are more likely to have flings and multiple sex partners than are ones with average builds – muscle growth is associated with higher testosterone levels.

20. New take on the three-day rule: If they feel any chemistry on a first date, 97 percent of men will call within 72 hours, not after.

21. After date one, interested dudes will set a follow-up date but won’t bug you ’til it happens to avoid being “too makulit.”

22. The majority of men claim to have had between four and 10 sexual partners. And they want the women they date to have bedded no more than 10 as well.

23. Single men make up nine percent of all home buyers.

24. Sixty-one percent of unmarried Pinoys live at home – as in, with their parents.

25. About one in four single guys volunteer for charity or at their church.

26. The younger they are, the more spontaneous and risk-taking they’ll be. Their prefrontal cortex, which controls impulses, isn’t fully developed until around age 25.

27. Men prefer chicks who’ll disagree with them. When a woman says yes to everything, suitors fear that her lack of resolve means she could be swayed to leave them for another guy.

28. When males jam their thumbs into their belt loops or pockets, their hands frame their package. It’s a way of saying “Look how manly I am” and gaining your attention…or attraction.

29. More than half of guys consider their pals opinions when deciding whether to date you.

30. Solo dudes are more likely to be swayed by their friends’ opinions than are guys in relationships.

31. If you want him to feel relaxed on a date, talk about facts (say, what made the morning news) insted of feelings (how stressed you are about work). Men’s brains aren’t as naturally good at processing emotions as women’s are.

32. Three-quarters of men say they’ll ask a woman out again if she’s positive and laughs on a date.

33. You don’t have to be exag to transmit interest: Male are much more likely than women are to believe a casual conversation was flirtatious.

34. Single men are less likely than married men are to claim that they are “very happy.” Possibly related fact? Just over half of them had sex last month, compared with 90 percent of hubbies.

35. Sports where guys outnumber girls big-time include golf, mountain biking, and surfing.

36. Though men are more upfront than women are about the importance of looks, they also have a broader view of what they consider attractive.

37. Bachelors are prone to rebel against societal norms (getting tattoos, going to work on no sleep) more than coupled-up guys are, because they haven’t yet formed the sense of identity required to be in a relationship.

38. Pinoy men ordinarily marry between the ages 25 and 29, with 27.5 being the median groom’s age.

39. Forget about meeting mates in cooking classes or any other kind of workshop. Single men steer clear, because they believe taking a class broadcasts their lack of knowledge.

40. The majority like to keep your first phone call under 10 minutes.

41. Guys with masculine faces – strong jaws, pronounced eyebrows – are more likely than other types to date casually instead of have stable relationships, which is due to – yep – higher testosterone levels.

42. At a sports bar o during UAAP or World Cup games are great places and instances to pick up prospects. Not just because, duh, they’re there, but because the competitive environment causes fans’ testosterone levels to rise.

43. Charmers who say something pop culture – based ( “Did you see that on YouTube?” ) or character-revealing ( “I usually don’t go to loud bars” ) are trying to show mate potential.

44. Sexually suggestive pickup lines usually don’t work…but horn dogs still pull’em out to gauge if you’d be down for a hook-up.

45. Having a lot of candles in his place hints at premeditation – he likely bought them to impress you…or his last girlfriend left them there.

46. Forty-three percent Google you before you go on a date.

47. Need a new hobby? Activities that guys engage in waaay more than chicks do: going to auto shows, reading comic books, and playing pool, chess, fantasy sports, and video games.

48. Most of them aren’t looking to score on a first date. They would, however, love to kiss you.

49. Single guys are more likely than other men are to spend money on stuff that can be worn, driven, or otherwise shown off outside the home.

50. The body parts that guys get self-conscious about are their stomachs, body hair, and man boobs.

51. When lusty lads are around female prospects, they unconsciously exaggerate their facial and hand gestures and walk faster than normal.

52. If a male friend asks you to “grab a drink,” he’s probably hoping the hangout has date potential. If he shows up and you smell cologne, make that a definite.

53. Small-talk date topics that dudes hate? Number 1: his ex. Number 2: is money situation.

54. Men give more to charity when they think women will notice.

55. When a guy smiles at you from across the room, it’s an invitation to say hi. If he ignores you after that, it’s more likely that he’s too torpe to approach you than he’s uninterested.

56. Male online daters get more emotionally attached than women do. The anonymity of writing lets them express their emotions more readily than if they’d just met you.

57. About half of guys out there like a chick with a bad-girl streak.

58. The ones who go after those wild chicks say they dig the challenge…or think she’ll be uninhibited in bed.

59. Twenty-one percent of guys expect to be exclusive as soon as you’re dating, but 35 percent – the majority – say after a month or so. Eighteen percent wait several months, and 10 percent say it’s once you’ve had sex.

60. More of today’s available guys say they would rather get hitched when they’re older as opposed to doing it super young.

61. Almost half don’t want to get married until they can afford their own home. Forty percent want to wait until they can afford a nice wedding.

62. Thiry-two percent of dudes say they’ve cheated on a woman. But the number could be higher, since a third of them don’t consider kissing someone cheating.

63. One move players use: brushing against you and touching your elbow. It breaks your personal bubble, but it’s more innocent than if they actually grabbed you elsewhere.

64. Ninety-five percent of guys like when a chick comes on to them.

65. Their favorite way for you to hit on them: just say hi or ask them a question about themselves.

66. Contrary to popular belief, not all guys are feeling. When a girl texts a guy first, forty-three percent think that she was probably just bored and had nothing else to do.

67. Dudes say the biggest misconception girls have about them is that they’re more into a woman’s body than her personality.

68. Their top relationship no-no is oversharing personal details, like how many partners you’ve had. Runner-up: when you play too hard to get.

69. Provinces with the most eligible bachelors, factoring in low poverty rates: Metro Manila, Bulacan, Batanes, Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, and Bataan.

70. It’s not personal when they don’t invite you along to watch sports. Guys get too absorbed in the action and can’t make small talk during the game.

71. When a guy touches your shoulders, it’s a subconscious signal that he’s into more than just sex.

72. First-date behavior that men read as high-maintenance red flags: making multiple food substitutions, complaining about the temperature, and having him hold your purse.

73. Most Pinoy men – 63 percent – still expect to pick up tab on the first date. Eleven percent say whoever did the asking out should pay, and 26 percent prefer to split the check.

74. Nearly twice as many single specimens would raher be in a relationship than keep playing the field.

75. Almost a quarter of ‘em say they aren’t insecure about any body part.

76. Guys, 56 percent, customarily end a date – whether it be good or bad – with a beso.

77. Five: The number of dates most males say you should wait to have sex if you want a serious relationship.

78. When a hottie is sexually attracted to someone, his eyes open wider, his lips part, and his jaw slightly droops.

79. Guys tend to daydream about physical activities: sex, basketball, saving Angelina Jolie from a fire…

80. Twelve percent of unattached males have used cocaine or street drugs in the past year – compared with almost four percent of married men.

81. The first time they do it with a new girl, their top concern is that they’ll finish too fast. They also worry about whether you’re faking.

82. Don’t worry. They aren’t holding out for a supermodel. Most say they like girl-next-door or sporty types.

83. Don’t think you’re the first to fawn over Fido – gentlemen with dogs know good and well, they’re babe bait.

84. Even if it’s not exactly true, murmur during sex that he has the biggest penis you’ve ever seen and he’ll glow for days. If he’s on the small side and that’s not plausible, get the same ego-stroking effects by moaning loudly.

85. It’s not just trying to buy your affection that makes them pick up the tab – paying for your meal gives guys a sense of accomplishment.

86. Is that eye candy across the room interested in you? If he has pigeon toes (pointing inward) or one shoulder raised, survey says yes.

87. After doing something kinky with a new guy, you might offer a little white lie about how it’s your first time trying that – it makes him feel special.

88. Four times as many dudes say just chilling together is more romantic than a nice dinner.

89. Twenty-eight percent of single guys claim they’ve had threesomes, which is double the rate for married men and for all women.

90. “You’re so hot!” That’s the top compliment a man wants to hear, followed by “You’re funny,” “You’re great in bed,” and “Damn, you’re smart!”

91. Dudes 18 to 34 spend an average of more than three hours a month on Facebook.com

92. A Pinoy guy would most likely respond positively to a low maint’ date invite, like “Hey! come with me naman” or “Let’s catch this movie,” instead of “Would you want to go out with me?”

93. The average bachelor spends about 10 minutes each day on personal calls or e-mails.

94. Half of men say they have a female “type” they go for.

95. Does she think I’m interesting? Are we clicking? These are the thoughts most likely running through his head when he’s hitting on you.

96. More than a third of guys sometimes have trouble paying their bills.

97. Many suitors test their dates at some point by making a gross joke. The idea: If you laugh and joke back, you’ll accept the “real” him.

98. They often act like jerks so you’ll dump them, figuring it’s nicer than saying “I’m not in love with you anymore.”

99. Only 13 percent of men describe their sex life in detail to their buddies.

100. Sixty-seven percent of married and 54 percent of single Pinoy men believe in love at first sight.


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