All out of Kleenex

Pity. I’m sick. Caught a bad bad case of the once in a blue moon sniffles. 😦

What is a bad bad case of the once in a blue moon sniffles? It’s the kind of colds that I get once in two years that makes me feel I’m sniffing my esophagus up and out my nose. Again, 😦 Ok, ok, that’s a clear-cut exaggeration and this is not really panic-inducing-ring-the-alarm worthy. But this is trying enough to make me skip all my yosi breaks today and drink hot calamansi juice this very moment. (Pweh, ang asim.) Waaaah, I hope I get well ASAP (as soon as pwede) 😛 because I sure as hell don’t want to use my little plastic health insurance card anytime soon. Or anytime at all.

This is my fault really, feeling invincible kasi ako. I got caught in the rain thrice last week. I sleep late. I forget to take my vitamins sometimes. Fine, most of the time! Mea culpa!

I have to get well. I have to get well. I HAVE TO GET WELL. I WILL GET WELL. Is there scientific proof that a mantra can heal? Wishful thinking!

Gotta rest now.

*sniff sniff*



listening to: Moby – Natural Blues

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  1. joko

     /  November 13, 2008

    i hope you get well IYA!
    drink vitamin C!!

  2. Aww. Get well soon. I suffered from the sniffles earlier this week. Yosi helped.

  3. Wow everybody’s getting sick lately. Must be the weather.
    Get well soon. 🙂
    Just do what you gotta do! Tea, soup, lotsa water and meds. 🙂

  4. aw. get well soon hun!

  5. thanks joko, jewel, and sab!

    and baddie? yosi helped? huwaw, psychological!!! :p

  6. joko

     /  November 17, 2008

    dude, since I basically did not have a camera on me during the rihanna concert, i had to go pressure Carla to record BREAKING DISHES!! but we did!!! wahaha! i thought of you and missed you lots! 🙂 *hugs* and i hope you’re better!


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