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I update.

I am scared of virginal good girls gone bitchy. Especially those who cheat on their boyfriends.

I went to Bataan last weekend. I weighed 118 lbs Saturday evening and 122 lbs by Monday noon because of Mom’s cooking. Me should weigh at least 110 lbs in preparation for the Christmas break.

I was called bitch, lesbian, and smartass last Friday night. I am not a lesbian.

I’m sad because a lot of my friends are going to the US this month. Guia and Rob are off the States this Friday. 😦

I’ve just been told that Woodrose girls are clingy. A friend from Woodrose told me so.

I went to Shangri La Plaza to buy me some rum cake from Mary Grace. Wala! 😦 Woe is me.

I unearthed a red dress I can use for our company Christmas party, The Red and Black Ball. Now if I could only unearth a date. Hindi from the lupa. Yucks.

I still don’t have a birthday wishlist. Not even a goddamn draft. Birthday plans? Nothing definite yet. But a videoke celeb is most likely.

I’m excited to see Twilight The Movie and go to Tiananmen with Jap. I’m even more excited to get all my December moolah and start burning some blood money.

I know of this boy and this girl who did some serious boinking in the last couple of Decembers. Makes me wonder if they’re planning to continue the… errrm… hmmm… creative carnal accidental holiday ritual.

I want to watch Live A.I.D.S. but it sucks that the universe seems to not want me to. 😦

I think Jose from Pinoy Fear Factor is cute. Is that the Jose of Inez? Inez, are you reading this? Is he the Jose you dated? Kung siya ‘yon, gaga ka, date him again!

I met someone who likes Mr. Brightside as much as I do. And who’s also a sucker for using psych terms in normal convos. Too bad we also like the same guy.

I really want some rum cake. But I’d settle for rum coke.

Ok, bye. I will write something of utmost significance soon.

Yeah right.


listening to: The Killers – Mr. Brightside

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