Twilight sucks, but I love RPatzzz.

If you can still remember, I already blogged what I thought about the saga.

Here, check.

So yes, I think the Twilight Series sucks. I just feel that I have to explain to those people who think I’m literary slumming. Haha.

I didn’t think the movie sucked because I think Robert Pattinson is hot and the visuals were pretty nice. Daming puno! Love it! :p Expected ko naman na bullshit ang story eh, so keri lang. I wasn’t disappointed. I came prepared.

I’ve had a crush on RPatzzz Cedric Diggory days pa lang. Zac Efron who? I shall be dissecting the magic of Edward Cullen soon. 🙂


listening to: Hairspray on HBO

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  1. Excuses! Hahaha. 😛
    I thought he was hot (in some, not all scenes), too.
    I had suuuuper low expectations na because I’ve already heard that it sucks. But the movie was even worse than I thought. Hee. Soooo much fun when that happens. 😀

    I’m loving the whole “I told you so.” vibe I can give off to fangirls. Sorry, Shesha. 😀


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