1,999,999,999,999… 1,999,999,999,998… 1,999,999,999,997…

That’s the 2K9 Valentine’s Day Countdown!

After a strenuous convo with Joko, nahiritan ko siya ng…

“Oi, magplano naman tayo ng Valentine’s day lakad. Para may i-look forward naman ako at para hindi ako magka-urge mag-harakiri that day.”

To which she replied…

LA UNION! Cold Feb in the beach with hot boddies!

I can’t wait! Parang beach attire na ang gusto ko bilhin mamaya instead of lingerie for the Alchemy Playboy Pajama New Year Party tomorrow na pupuntahan ko.

First time lang yata ako na-excite for Vday. Yea bebe! Maghahangten ako sa buhangin! Hahahaha!!!

Hearts, sun, and waves… make love on the beach!

LU!!! Cam owwwwwn!



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Too Late. Exhibit A.

(the incomplete version)

Years have passed since we ended our relationship. This shouldn’t matter now, or at least this shouldn’t matter much. But it does. Dammit it does. It still does.

I let go of you because I thought I was still in love with someone else, and I thought it would be unfair to both of us, to you more importantly, if we held on. You didn’t want to end things, but I was possesed by a martyr complex, that I had to insist we part because it would be for the better. Little did I know that it was one of those stupidity guised as martyrdom moments.

It didn’t work out between the bastard and I. I wanted to run back to you, but I resisted. I didn’t want you to think that I’d just use you. Considering how we started, I would have not blamed you for drawing that conslucion. Months passed and I wanted to reach out to you.  Take whatever you could give me– undeserved love, uneasy friendship, lukewarm familiarity… anything.

You told me yesterday that you were never mad at me and that maybe it was a good thing I didn’t talk to you because it saved you from a great deal of humiliation. Humiliation from what, I asked, barely guessing what embarrassment I could have, would have caused you. You said you would have asked me back had I talked to you. Begged and got down on your knees if you had to. You said you drank alone everyday because of what I did to you. You said you would have gone to wherever I was if I just asked you to.

You said you were madly in love with me.

You said you loved me.

You said you wanted me back.

For now, I’d just hold on to our truth, that we loved and we cared.

I already told you, but I just feel I need to say it again, even if it doesn’t matter much now.

I would have come back.


listening to:  Chris Isaak – Somebody’s Cryin’

Palaboy sa Bagong Taon

Christmas was merry indeed. I will post pics and tell you guys about it soon. For now, I am bent on looking for a place to go on December 31. Hindi na kasi ako uuwi sa Bataan. I’m scared to travel on the 31st, Baka masuperlolo or maplapla pa ‘yung bus na sasakyan ko! So, I will just stay here in Manila and attend a party or two! Countdown kam owwwwn!

It’s been years that I’ve dreamed of being in a huge crowd, screaming 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 in unison to usher in the new year. Pangarap ko kumanta ng Auld Lang Syne habang namemesmerize sa fireworks display.

Kinakarir ko na nga ngayon ang pagmemorize sa lyrics. :p

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old times since ?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

FYI, auld lang syne means old long since or long long ago or days gone by. At least, ‘yan ang sabi ng Wiki. Kala ko ‘nung bata ako pangalan ng Scottish Lolo ‘yan eh.

Oh well. I’m considering going to Embassy


or Ascend or Alchemy.

Lemme know if you wanna go. Magpakapalaboy tayong dalawa.


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i’m happy.
i am.
but there’s a teensy-weensy part of me that’s beginning to be sad because
i know i can be happier
and I don’t know how

show me?

sucks to be human. sucks to be insatiable.


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Here are some pics from my 27th birthday celeb.


Click to see the rest of the birthday celeb pics.

Click to see the birthday salubong album.

We have to be multiply friends though! :p

Fun fun birthday. 🙂 Love it.


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Overwhelmed :)

Yeeeesssss… I turned 27 today!

The festivities started yesterday in the office, Rockwell, EDSA, and Metrowalk. Thanks to my ePer friends, Pat, Joko, Carla, Miki, Kass, Jeman, and Carlo.

I welcomed XXVII with flowers, japanese food, chocolate overdose, oysters, crispy pata, laughter, and friends.

I love you, guys.

But wait… there’s more!

Party ko pa mamaya!

I can’t wait!

Happpppyyyy birthdaaaaayyyy toooooo meeeeee!


listening to: the happy voice in my head

Chocolate and Shopping

The universe is helping me fight the birthday blues.

Yaaaay for Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Indulgence and stuff from The Face Shop and Rustan’s!


Chocolate Indulgence and Tiramisu-deprived me * Secret Recipe, Fifth level Shangri-La Mall


Christmas gifts! Wheee!

Double yaaaaaayyy for Ate Dona for treating me to death by chocolate and for Eperformax for giving me money. Hehe. I will probably not eat chocolate for at least a month and I will probably be close to being penniless as soon as Christmas is over. :p


Pahabol lang ng convo namin ng waiter kanina…

Waiter: What will you be having, ma’am?
Me: Tiramisu.
Waiter: Ay sorry, ma’am. Not available po.
Ate Dona: Nakuuu… ang tagal pa naman siya nagdecide!
Me: Kuya, you just broke my heart. Fine, Chocolate Indulgence na lang.
Waiter: Ayan, mabubuo niyan uli ang heart niyo, ma’am!

Aba, at humirit pa talaga.

True enough, nabuo nga yata uli ang heart ko, pero parang ‘yung pancreas ko ang nagbebreak. Woohoo, ang tamis!


listening to: Britney Spears – Womanizer

Happy birthday, Maf!


Because I can’t be with my darling cousinslashhousemate today, I took a picture of our street. Sad kasi siya kasi hindi niya naabutan yung street decorations because she left for Bataan a day before they put on the lights.

Anyhoodles… Maf, have a good one! I’ll see you in Bataan on the 24th!

I love you!

cimg2592 cimg2593

Brrrr… ang lamig! The house is colder without you! Weh? Nyahahaha.


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Sure na. Here’s my wishywishylist.

updated 12/17

Sure na.

Christmas inuman: December 20, Saturday, 9pm at Tides, Aguirre Avenue, BF Paranaque

Attire: Red or green only. Bawal magwhite! Ako lang may karapatan! Angal? Baket, birthday mo ba? 😛

At dahil birthday ko nga, here’s my wishlist. Ang hindi magbasa, panget!!!

* Dell/HP notebook (haha, asa pa ko.)
* alarm clock
* brand new tarot deck
* cigarette case
* mineral make-up (like Maybelline Mineral Makeup, 500php, Curlylash Mascara)
* SE/Motorola mobile phone or  LG KP500 (haha, asa pa ako uli)
* Moonlight Path by Bath & Body Works Body Splash (influenced by Jen)
* Revlon Ruby Lounge nail polish
* 2G flash drive in pink!
* pink/green/white/black hoodie
* 2009 planner
* statement shirts
* Olay Body Daily Purifying with Sea Salts and Microbeads body wash (can be found in SM Supermarket/Watson)
* Vanilla body wash (Marks and Spencer for more or Heaven on Earth for less?)
* St Ives Eye Stress Gel (can be found in SM Supermarket/Watson)
* L’Oreal Antifrizz Serum
* Rum Cake! Rum Cake!
* American Psycho DVD
* portable debede player (asa na lang ng asa, hehehe)
* banner and balloons! :p
* bags! accessories!
* blue/yellow/pink bedsheets! throw pillows!
* cookbooks!
* John Lloyd Cruz
* white, pink, peach, or yellow flowers
* colorful belts
* shawls

Mag-iisip pa ako! Basa lang ng basa!


listening to: Tony Bennett – Winter Wonderland

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