First Christmas-y Weekend

Dec 5 Friday
cimg2330After a relatively excruciating work week, I went to Megamall to look for gifts for my godchildren. It dawned on me why they say Christmas is for kids– in face value at least– because adults toil in managing time, effort, and money (especially money!!!) to make kids happy during this season! Fukk! I’m an adult! And double fukk! Ang gastos maging adult ‘pag Christmas! I made a list of what I wanted to get for my godchildren and decided to buy them the following day. I reasoned, before I spend money for other people, I’ll spend first for myself. Afterall, my birthday is coming up. Might as well start the happy part now! So I got me some gold shoes and fancy gold bracelet with blackstones for the Christmas party and tempura, sushi, and kani salad for dinner.

Dec 6 Saturday
cimg2316I went to St Francis Square first to buy a couple of pirated softwares and eat chipetix Hong Kong style noodles. Then off to Megamall to buy gifts for the kiddies. Toy Kingdom is the worst place to be in during a December weekend. Punyeta, never again! I hate Christmas shopping with a renewed and revitalized passion! I didn’t get to buy the other toys because I was already too tired and too bummed to go on. I had to eat two chocolate sundaes to replenish my strength. Okaaayyy… fine. I only had to eat one, but it was so good and I can get away with putting on a little weight this time of year! :p When Ate Dona said she’d meet up with me in Megamall, I pleaded, “Ate Dons, parang awa mo na, sa Shang na lang tayo. Hindi ko na kinakaya mga tao dito!” She said she had to buy something in Mega so I was forced to wait for her there. But when she saw the throng of shoppers at the entrance, she conceded, “Bukas na lang ako bibili! Tara sa Shang na tayo!”

cimg2319As expected, Shangri La Plaza wasn’t crowded. Thank heavens for small favors! After a pizza-pasta dinner, we went to Crepes de France for coffee, but she ended up ordering ice cream and me getting red wine. Para maiba lang. I-todo na ang pagka-Christmas-y.
Woke up earlier than needed to catch the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight. Haaaay grabe! Ibang level talaga si Manny! I’m close to thinking the man’s infallible! Oh well, there’s still the huge possibility of the Ricky Hatton fight. Yeah! Go,go,go!

xmasparty3 xmasparty1By 6ish, I took a deep breath and set off to A.Venue Hall for our company party. Woooooooooooooooow. Ang ganda! Loved the décor! Loved the people! Loved the Bizu food (well, yung carrot cake lang and salad with mandarin oranges and almonds)! Loved the broadway presentations of all the accounts! Loved the singing competition (which I didn’t join for the love of God)! Loved the thrill of the raffle (even if I didn’t win)! Loved the award I received ( I don’t remember what it’s for, parang something to do with being a top performer, I guess…)!

xmasparty2xmasparty4Loved pretty much everything except that I met my crush in the most old school (like 80’s old school) kind of way! I won’t share the sordid details anymore except when my friends introduced me to him I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole and never let me surface ever again!!! Basta, if you ask me what’s my most embarrassing experience, may answer na ako!!!

I’m still feeling holiday vibe swinging from lethargic to agitated, but it’s all good. This is my usual mode during the season. :p

Tomorrow night, I’m going to Eastwood for the Wolfgang concert. Yeah, well, sorta. Kinda.

After this entry, I’m going to commit into finishing my Christmas and birthday wishlists.
Yeah, yeah.

Ooooh… and I’m listening to Jason Mraz’s version of Winter Wonderland. Niiiiice!

Christmas is beginning to feel like Christmas. Joyful, shitty, exciting, depressing and all. 😀


listening to: Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland

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