Stop me from chasing shadows.

And the night that you got locked in
Was the time to decide
Stop chasing shadows
Just enjoy the ride

– Morcheeba

The impetus to talk about my close enough voyage to the Twilight Zone last Saturday deserted me and I will just talk about the things that are darting violently in my head now.

I had to cancel the plans for the Year of the Ox Party in Emba tomorrow, because Oryx isn’t really keen on going, Virg just lost her phone making me hard to communicate with her thru Sergi, and he has a dinner to attend first. And so I used one of the maxims I live by to address the situation. “If the shoes don’t fit, use slippers.” Lol, pauso! Hahaha. So, we rescheduled the get-together on Thursday instead. Tabu, Brazilian night. I’ll see if I can still remember the expletives Wender taught me last year.

Me and 4/5s of the go-go friends are going to Baguio this weekend. Well, Joko and CB will go there on Friday and I couldn’t join them much as I want to because that’s a critical workday and you know me (or I know myself) I am a sucker for following company policies. Hence, I will follow them with Kwe and Kass very early Saturday. Itinerary is pasyal-pasyal in Baguio then go to La Union for surfing and watching the surfing competition. Me surf? Hell no. I can’t surf. I can’t even swim. But I am perfectly capable of taking their pictures while they hangten or get stoked. Whatever that means. Hehe. Hmmm… note to self: don’t forget to buy Mikasan Chocolate Flakes and Lengua de Gato for Team Recruitment and Experian Buddies.

Ugh. Fine. I can’t help it. I have to tell you a bit about last Saturday. We went to a party in Hidalgo Rockwell without knowing who the birthday boy was. We were just invited by a friend of Oryx who knew the celebrant. A beautiful lady in her 40’s opened the door looked as if we weren’t supposed to be there and asked who we’re looking for. She had to wait for me to turn Edward Cullen-pale from fear of the unknown before breaking into a huge smile and exclaiming, “I’m kidding! I just love doing that to my son’s friends! Did I scare you, hija? I’m sorry you turned sooo pale!” Hay. Skeri! Anyhoodles, I enjoyed the party not because of the guests my age but because of Tita Sandy’s (the lady who scared me shitless) friends. Oryx and I went to Handle Bar, Fiamma, Barcino, 32nd Street after but since it was already too late (or too early… well not maaga… more of magu-umaga na), we ended up drinking up in Central Pioneer. Oh and in between, Oryx introduced me to this guy that I already met in Tabu last December. Good thing I wasn’t too attracted to him because I found out just last Saturday night that I dated his brother years ago. Mmm k. That wasn’t exactly a bit of kwento. So sue me.



Then last night, I went to Greenbelt to visit Miki in Greyone and Louj in Madison (he’s exec chef there). I also dropped by Sala to say hi to Tito Chico who manages the place. Tito Chico’s one of Tita Sandy’s fantastic friends. Mmmm, another note to self: eat in Madison and Sala next pay out. Hehe. Uhh no. I have no plans buying anything from Greyone. Well, except the bitch shirt Miki showed me last night. :p

I’m enjoying my bangs. Haha, contrary to people’s belief, I didn’t have my hair cut. My hair has always been layered and it was only last weekend when I accidentally discovered that if I combed the short ones in front, then I’d be a totally different me. Well sure, not totally different. Just prettier. Lol. Nakaka-amats yata ang bangs. :p

Jap did say that I look prettier with bangs. I went to her house last Saturday afternoon. Spur of the moment decision because my cousin asked me to accompany her to Manila Memorial for her friend’s uncle’s wake. It’s just 15 minutes away from Japjap’s and I couldn’t resist her freshly brewed kapeng barako with whipped cream and honey concoction. And besides, she gave me a pretty and revealing (or pretty and revealing) Shanghai chic dress that I was supposed to wear for tomorrow’s party in Emba.

So that brings me back to not going anymore. Boohoo! Tragic! Oh no. I take that back. Pathetic maybe, not tragic. I hope Tabu, Baguio, LU, friends, booze, fresh air, and a whole lotta love can remedy this! 🙂


listening to: Morcheeba – Enjoy the Ride

From Isaw&Beer to Wine&Prawns w/ The Go-Go Friends

Maybe it was the weekend of just sleeping and surfing the net in Bataan that propelled me to look for a Tuesday night g. Maybe it’s because I woke up wanting to see my friends so that I can read their fortune through my brand new tarot deck. Maybe it’s to help Joko satisfy her cravings for isaw and chicken liver. Or maybe it’s because an inexplicable and unstoppable force of nature just told me not to go home yet and enjoy like a common college kid who can just give tomorrow a dirty finger and give in to the temptations of a starry January night. Whatever the cause was, I’m glad I went out last night. The skull-splitting pain I’m feeling now is nothing. I am still in my happy place. 🙂


After work, I went to Robinson’s Pioneer to meet up with Joko, Jessie, and Carlo. After helping Joko to get red stuff for Jake (her new car), we set out to look for a place with siomai (Jeman likes), isaw (Joko likes), smoking area (Carlo and Iya like). Perfect Place = Central BBQ Grill! It’s just semi-sorta behind Pioneer, prolly 10 longjumps and 3 cartwheels away. Haha, some servers recognized me from the BF Pque branch.

A quick convo of me and James, the former headwaiter of Central/Tides BF…

James: Ma’am Iya, hanggang dito nakakarating kayo ha!
Me: Eh kasi I live in Mandaluyong na!
James: Kayo pa rin po nung bf n’yo?
Me: Weh. Sino?
James: Yung ‘nung nagbirthday po kayo sa Tides na ka-kiss n’yo…
Me: Weh! Kuya, kakain pa lang ako! Ayoko mawalan ng gana! Jupakan ko ‘yun eh!

Haha, I was driven to disgust for a few seconds by the inconvenient memory, but I wanted the night to be all good vibes, so I just let it go. Better vibes when the siomai, isaw, hotdogs, sisig, SML and bottled coke arrived! Woohoo! I miss the South, good thing there’s already a Central in Manda!


Have I told you lately that I lovelovelove my go-go friends?

Go-go friends: Joko, Jessie, Carlo, and Miki (there are others still, like Carla, but they have little or no relevance to this entry, hehe but I still love you guys)

I love them because they are always on the go and it’s very easy for them to say yes to social invites. In other words, mga kaladkarin sila. Love it!

Uhhhh… what’s kaladkarin in English? :p


Fun times with Jake going to Fort. My top three picks:

1 Singing Get Far’s Shining Star off-key with incorrect (?) lyrics

“You’re my soulmate, my summer and my faith… your kisses are better than wiiiiiine… there’s nothing I want more than you girl…”

2 Boobs. Fake boobs. Big boobs. boobs. No boobs. Man boobs.

Ahmmm… I don’t want to stand next to Joko! You! You just stare at my legs! Haha!

3 Twisted pity sex concept

“I pity you for having sex with me! I piiiiiiiiiiiiittttyyy yoooooooooooooouuuu! You are very pitifuuuuuuuuuuuullllll!”


Pictures ahead. Keep on reading. :p


cimg3881 cimg3874

go-go friends * bacon-wrapped prawns

cimg3868 cimg3896

penafiel and sergi * pretty ladies 😉

Congratulations to us, we did not get lost going to Barcino. No sense of doom, no driving in circles, no TJ Trinidad to ask for directions… Ay, sayang pala! Hehe.

From isaw, hotdogs, and beer… we moved to chicken livers (in sherry naman), prawns wrapped in bacon, and wine. Another thing I love about my go-go friends is that they are so flexible. (Guys, next time let’s have a balut-foie gras night! Hehe!)

Half-brit, second cousin Miki arrived fresh from work (work ba talaga, haha) and she’s not the only mixbreed in the table. I just found out that Joko is not part-Indian but part-Latina! Oh wow! Shake that J-Lo ass! :p

Sergi made a cameo before he went out with his buddies (mga kabatak na dayuhan) and explained (or was forced to explain for the sake of photo-opp) what Peñafiel is. Also saw Virginia before she left for 101 and I invited her to go to Emba with Sergi, Oryx and moi for the Year of the Ox Party. Yaaaay, another thing to look forward to!

cimg3888 cimg3925

tarot reading * checking out a pretty bottle

I read Carlo’s fortune in Central and it was Joko’s and Miki’s time to shine in Barcino. (Jeman was busy enjoying the free wi-fi.) So okay, according to them, I am pretty freaky. Fretty preaky. Whichever. As for me, I’m still thinking if I should check for updates about what was told 7 years ago. About my S/LR or RL/S or L/SR life-altering person. Weh, I’m not really into freaking myself out via tarot. For all I know, fate is just telling me to get a new camera. SLR pala ha.

Speaking of cam, last night’s pics are mostly in my Multiply. I’m sure there will be more pics to come since Joko and I are thinking a Barcino get-together should at least be a once in a month affair.

We found our happy place. *insert Kings of Leon’s Your Sex is On Fire*


I’m happy and-yet-but-albeit my head still aches like whoa. I think I may even have fever now, oh well, nothing a quick drink can’t fix.


listening to: Kings of Leon – I Want You

Eat (tapas), drink (vino), and be merry (in Barcino)!

Thank you universe for giving me a reward last Friday night for the endurance I exhibited from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. But please let me never conduct background investigation, undergo dysmenorrhea, and miss precious time of sleep ever again. If that’s not possible, then just let me be with Oryx in Barcino again!


cimg3792 cimg38091

my tempranillo and Sergi * delicious tapas

cimg3814 cimg3815

hot savory chicken livers * instant canape!

After dindin in Figaro and drinks in 32nd Street, Oryx brought me to the small wonder that is Barcino. Love the space! Love the ambiance! Love the wine! Love the music! Love the food! For someone like me whose knowledge of wine is close to zilch, Barcino is a good place to learn and enjoy vino. I had a delightful ruby-red tempranillo with a platter of tapas. There were potato salad with olives, jamon serrano, chorizo, bread with salsa, cheese, and some tasty sausages called fuet. :p Oryx had some chicken liver something with his white wine.

cimg3833 cimg3835

with Virginia * with Sergi

cimg3846 cimg38051

with Oryx * awesome foursome

I was lucky enough to meet the marketing manager, Virginia Lopez Cojo and co-owner, Sergi Rostoll. They were kind enough to tell me basic stuff about wine, tapas, and Spain. I will go back because I want to try other kinds of red wine, their bacalao and paella. And because I enjoyed that night so much and I can’t wait to enjoy that much (and more) again. Hopefully, in the Ortigas branch next time.

Salut to more casual, chill nights in Barcino!

More pics here


Barcino, The Fort
Unit 101 Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 468-5942


Barcino, City Golf Complex
2/F City Golf Complex, Julia Vargas Avenue (beside Ortigas Home Depot where they have a Wine Depot branch)
(02) 636-2963


listening to: Maroon 5 – Must Get Out

You don’t come I ain’t gonna die.

I don’t want to put up with your bad vibes anymore.

I love you. You are my friend. It sucks that you are going through hell, especially when life has given you too many chances to get out of that shithole already but you still didn’t get out.

Guess what. I love me too. I love me more than I love you. You are my friend but I am my everything. It sucks that you expect me to go through hell with you when if you just quit that bullshit, we can soar together. Like before.


listening to:  Justin Timberlake – My Love

Tag 25

I was tagged by one of my go-go friends Joko to write down 25 facts/thoughts/goals/whatevs about me. Being the shameless blogger that I am, I will partly use this tag to tell you what happened to me during the past few because I am too lazy to write posts for each and every event. Here ya go…

1. I watched the advance screening of Bride Wars in Megamall last Friday with Jessie.

2. I liked the movie because I didn’t have to concentrate too hard to understand what was happening. It was laidback and funny (not witty-funny, just funny-funny). Hurray for shallow comedies with fabulous costume changes.

3. I want this green trench.


4. I want to watch Australia despite the bad reviews and despite what Nicole Kidman said about her not being proud of the film. Who cares when Hugh Jackman is happy about it?

5. I also want to watch Milk, Yes Man, and Dragon Ball.

6. It was my first time to go to Trinoma last Saturday. Ayala architecture meets SM crowd. LOL. Loved the top floor though. Will prolly go back there to try Ruby Tuesday.

7. I had dinner with Ate Dona after my errands in Trinoma. We had a sorta depressing life day so she had her potatoes and I had my sushi.

8. I lovelovelovelovelove my Ate Dona. She’s the very best non-biological big sister I’ve ever had. EVER!

9. I also love naming things that are important to me. Me thinks it will help me treat them better when they aren’t nameless.

10. My digicam’s name is Dill, named after Dilios the Spartan storyteller from the movie, 300.

11. My laptop’s name is Uno, sometimes called One, named after Pat Montojo whose username in Multiply is 1megapixel.

12. My first tarot deck’s name is Eiffel Lune, because it’s from France and the middle name of the person who gave it to me is Luna.

13. My second tarot deck’s name is Estelle Jade, because my favorite card is the Star and the second name of Cindy (the one who gave it to me) semisortasounds like jade.

14. My mobile phone doesn’t have a name because it isn’t that important to me.

15. But I want to get a new phone. But I don’t want to buy. Lol.

16. I need to save for summer, even if I still don’t know where to go yet. Suggestions, anyone? Boracay? Baguio? Batangas? Bulacan? Binondo?

17. I hope I won’t get the urge to burn BIR to the ground when I see how much (or meager) my tax refund is.

18. I really think it’s unfair and offending that they declared there won’t be any difference between Single and Head of the Family anymore.

19. I can’t wait to go home to Bataan this weekend. I miss my Mum and Dad so much! They will be celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary on the 20th. Yiheeee!

20. I am beyond enthused for the next season of American Idol to begin. Woohoo! Team Simon!

21. It’s a brand new year and rule number 1 is to expand the social circle. The month cannot end without me meeting Sergi Rostoll. Hopefully with Oryx Prieto.

22. Rule number 2 for 2K9 is to learn about totally new things, like wine and Barcelona.

23. I will be kinder yet fiercer this year. No, not fiercely kind.

24. I will bring back the Iya that will not spare your feelings just to let you know the truth you need to hear.

25. Oh, and I think I am developing an addiction that may give me secret shame.

I am tagging everyone who’s 25 years old and above.


listening to: MYMP – Make It Easy

This one’s for Muffin!!!

So I went to the advance screening of The Spirit last night with Joko (the dalaginding), Jessie (the cariño-less PR master slash scalper), Carlo (wala ako maisip na decription since hindi ko siya masyado nakainteract kagabi), and Rod (my bebe bunny’s nagmamasugid na manliligaw). It was fun because of my friends, but not that fun, because there were no games. Boo, 88.3 and Jollibee! Boooooo! Hehe. The movie was cool, but could have been cooler. If there should be a sequel, Hollywood people, please include more bloodshed! And take out Sarah Paulson from the movie! Dull blonde! Bleh!


Rod, Joko, Kerwin (?), Me, Jessie * Carlo with the cam, me thinks

To all people planning to see The Spirit, watch out for:

Since my only knowledge about the movie before watching it was from the trailer and some info from Wiki, I wasn’t disappointed. Those who read the comics, might be? Ewan. The graphics were nifty, because I like red, black, and white. Yeah bitch. It’s from the makers of 300 and Sin City, so there. Oooh and the costumes, I likey! I think I know what to wear next Halloween! Thanks to Scarlett Johannson’s character, Silken Floss!

Like I said, the movie needs more bloodshed. I don’t know if the graphic novel is violent, but I think the film would create a bigger following if there’d be more guts and gore. And if they market Gabriel Macht, the actor. I don’t know why I keep on calling him Raphael and Michael. Gabriel nga eh. Gabriel!!!


midnight snackin’ in Rockwell

After the movie, we had a looong ass time deciding where to go to next. Bakit naman kasi walang mapuntahang malapit sa Galle. We ended up in Rockwell. Milkshakes in Grams Diner, c/o Rod. :p Funfunfun talking about plans for Vday and pre-Vday. Status:Single, the movie, here we go! :p

Still thinking if I will go to the advance screening of Bride Wars tomorrow in Megamall with Jessie. I have to go to work early on Saturday, plus I’m also seeing them in Serendra after for lomo galore and Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat.

Wow. Is this me? Is this really me? I’m watching movies again without the help of the dvd player. Wooooooow. Love it! This one’s for Muffin!



listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge

Semisortakinda about a premiere…

The last time I went to a movie premiere was around 2005. Donnie and I watched Elektra in Megamall. The movie’s forgettable but my journey to and fro was not.

I was caught jaywalking in Quezon Ave on my way to the premiere. Sorry naman, nakain lang ng tanga!  I had to act all apologetic, polite, and sincere to the Mamang MMDA for him not to throw me to the MMDA bus for how-to-cross-properly seminar. It also helped that I namedropped two generals to get my sorry butt out of that walang-kaglamour-glamour situation.

After the movie, I told Donnie that I’d have to go to the loo first and I’d just meet him in front of the cinema. When I was waiting for Donnie, I noticed there was a bit of a crowd in the cinema across us. I wondered, why there were media people amongst the crowd. Then shock of all shocks, I saw… Eddie Gil! Yes, former nutcase presidential candidate, Eddie Gil! I quickly covered my face and as soon as I spotted Donnie, I grabbed him by the arm and rescued him (and myself of course) from the horrifying possibility that we get caught in camera with Eddeh Hell.

Now why the memories?

Because I’m going to another movie premiere tomorrow night! Ahhhhhhhh! Hayop sa segue!

I’ll be watching THE SPIRIT tomorrow with Jessie, Carlo, and Joko.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Eva Mendez is hotsizzlinscorchinhotttttt!


listening to: Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part


May nagtanong sa’kin kahapon kung ano ang opinyon ko tungkol sa nangyari kay Vicki Belo at Hayden Kho na kinasangkutan ni Katrina Halili. Nagulat ako kung bakit natanong sa akin ‘yun, eh ano ba naman ang pakialam ko dun sa tatlo.

Noong naipa-alala sa akin kung bakit ako tinanong hinggil sa isyung ‘yon, ang natatawa-tawa ko na lang nasabi ay…

“Baka nag-open relationship sila!”



listening to: Katy Perry – Use Your Love

Happy 2K9!

Got what I wanted. Got to go to a New Year countdown party. Thanks to Jeman for making it happen! Don’t care to some unmet expectations. I’m just glad I got to drink to my heart’s delight, laughed and danced with friends, and met a few interesting people.

Just too bad I failed to sing Auld Lang Syne. I was too busy lighting my sparkler. :p

My 2008 was a bitch in different levels, and I seek retribution this year. I vow to be THE bitch this 2009. Be fierce and go seize!

Happy New Year, everyone! May all of us be prettier, sexier, smarter, richer, and kinder this 2K9 and beyond!


Here are some pics from the Playboy Pajama New Year countdown party Jessie, Carlo, and I attended in Alchemy.





listening to: Kylie Minogue – Wow

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