Semisortakinda about a premiere…

The last time I went to a movie premiere was around 2005. Donnie and I watched Elektra in Megamall. The movie’s forgettable but my journey to and fro was not.

I was caught jaywalking in Quezon Ave on my way to the premiere. Sorry naman, nakain lang ng tanga!  I had to act all apologetic, polite, and sincere to the Mamang MMDA for him not to throw me to the MMDA bus for how-to-cross-properly seminar. It also helped that I namedropped two generals to get my sorry butt out of that walang-kaglamour-glamour situation.

After the movie, I told Donnie that I’d have to go to the loo first and I’d just meet him in front of the cinema. When I was waiting for Donnie, I noticed there was a bit of a crowd in the cinema across us. I wondered, why there were media people amongst the crowd. Then shock of all shocks, I saw… Eddie Gil! Yes, former nutcase presidential candidate, Eddie Gil! I quickly covered my face and as soon as I spotted Donnie, I grabbed him by the arm and rescued him (and myself of course) from the horrifying possibility that we get caught in camera with Eddeh Hell.

Now why the memories?

Because I’m going to another movie premiere tomorrow night! Ahhhhhhhh! Hayop sa segue!

I’ll be watching THE SPIRIT tomorrow with Jessie, Carlo, and Joko.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Eva Mendez is hotsizzlinscorchinhotttttt!


listening to: Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part

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