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I was tagged by one of my go-go friends Joko to write down 25 facts/thoughts/goals/whatevs about me. Being the shameless blogger that I am, I will partly use this tag to tell you what happened to me during the past few because I am too lazy to write posts for each and every event. Here ya go…

1. I watched the advance screening of Bride Wars in Megamall last Friday with Jessie.

2. I liked the movie because I didn’t have to concentrate too hard to understand what was happening. It was laidback and funny (not witty-funny, just funny-funny). Hurray for shallow comedies with fabulous costume changes.

3. I want this green trench.


4. I want to watch Australia despite the bad reviews and despite what Nicole Kidman said about her not being proud of the film. Who cares when Hugh Jackman is happy about it?

5. I also want to watch Milk, Yes Man, and Dragon Ball.

6. It was my first time to go to Trinoma last Saturday. Ayala architecture meets SM crowd. LOL. Loved the top floor though. Will prolly go back there to try Ruby Tuesday.

7. I had dinner with Ate Dona after my errands in Trinoma. We had a sorta depressing life day so she had her potatoes and I had my sushi.

8. I lovelovelovelovelove my Ate Dona. She’s the very best non-biological big sister I’ve ever had. EVER!

9. I also love naming things that are important to me. Me thinks it will help me treat them better when they aren’t nameless.

10. My digicam’s name is Dill, named after Dilios the Spartan storyteller from the movie, 300.

11. My laptop’s name is Uno, sometimes called One, named after Pat Montojo whose username in Multiply is 1megapixel.

12. My first tarot deck’s name is Eiffel Lune, because it’s from France and the middle name of the person who gave it to me is Luna.

13. My second tarot deck’s name is Estelle Jade, because my favorite card is the Star and the second name of Cindy (the one who gave it to me) semisortasounds like jade.

14. My mobile phone doesn’t have a name because it isn’t that important to me.

15. But I want to get a new phone. But I don’t want to buy. Lol.

16. I need to save for summer, even if I still don’t know where to go yet. Suggestions, anyone? Boracay? Baguio? Batangas? Bulacan? Binondo?

17. I hope I won’t get the urge to burn BIR to the ground when I see how much (or meager) my tax refund is.

18. I really think it’s unfair and offending that they declared there won’t be any difference between Single and Head of the Family anymore.

19. I can’t wait to go home to Bataan this weekend. I miss my Mum and Dad so much! They will be celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary on the 20th. Yiheeee!

20. I am beyond enthused for the next season of American Idol to begin. Woohoo! Team Simon!

21. It’s a brand new year and rule number 1 is to expand the social circle. The month cannot end without me meeting Sergi Rostoll. Hopefully with Oryx Prieto.

22. Rule number 2 for 2K9 is to learn about totally new things, like wine and Barcelona.

23. I will be kinder yet fiercer this year. No, not fiercely kind.

24. I will bring back the Iya that will not spare your feelings just to let you know the truth you need to hear.

25. Oh, and I think I am developing an addiction that may give me secret shame.

I am tagging everyone who’s 25 years old and above.


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