You don’t come I ain’t gonna die.

I don’t want to put up with your bad vibes anymore.

I love you. You are my friend. It sucks that you are going through hell, especially when life has given you too many chances to get out of that shithole already but you still didn’t get out.

Guess what. I love me too. I love me more than I love you. You are my friend but I am my everything. It sucks that you expect me to go through hell with you when if you just quit that bullshit, we can soar together. Like before.


listening to:  Justin Timberlake – My Love

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  1. love the last two lines.

  2. yea bebe! kasi naman 2009 na. yung mga ibang tao nabubuhay pa rin sa bullshit ng past year. i mean, lahat naman tayo may problema right? pwede naman i-solve natin together at wag na lang mangdamay pababa.

    oh well.

    buti na lang you dont drag me down. ilovelovelove it!

  3. i refuse to be dragged down. phoenix rising from the ashes ang labanan ko.


  4. oo na phoenix girl. :p uy uy uy, tapas mamaya. hindi muna sushi love. 😛

  5. Anonymous

     /  January 16, 2009

    sana hindi makalimutan ang boquerones

  6. di ako nakapagtapas 😦
    i’m getting old.
    sama ako next time!
    gusto ko ng hot chicken livers. 😦

  7. some people are like that

  8. pat: sorry, no boquerones available that time. 😦

    joko: yes yes yes! gusto ko na nga bumalik barcino ngayon eh hahahahahahaha

    markey: yea, to my misfortune.


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