Last Week’s LU Adventure

One week has passed since I was in La Union with the go-go friends. I already miss it. i already miss them. 😦

Here’s some kwento and snapshots from one of the best weekends of my life.


Carla and Iya are definitely not anorexic and bulimic.
One of the certain clues that one is a Bene girl is the hefty amount of food she eats. Pag kain karpintero na parang naghunger strike ng isang linggo, yun na yon! Why do you think the pocket of a Bene uniform skirt is rabbithole deep? Kasi puro chibog ang laman!!! Or baka kami lang ni Carla ‘yon! Gawain nung GS and HS, gawain pa rin ngayon! Sa LU, lamon kung lamon. Lafang kung lafang. Para may congregation ng mga anaconda sa mga tiyan namin at hindi naman kami ang nagsusurf eh kami ang laging naghahanap ng nutrients. :p Hindi pa gutom, kain uli. Oh well. Life is too short to waste on crazy things like anorexia. Cardiac delights rock! Go bacon! Go chicharon!

mcdo billalunch

Who’s the coolest Jesus?
Baby Jesus? Adult Jesus? Teenage Jesus? Teenage Jesus!!! Not to provoke the wrath of the higher power through blasphemy but this was an integral part of the Tell a Joke Session in Normi2’s. Mika Nisce is the shit! And Joko and Ejay and the two Tims, too! Ang killer nun, pinaghandaan pa nila ang jokes. May mga kodigo pa! Hahahaha! I couldn’t say the jokes here because they require heaps of facial expressions and hand movements to make them effective. Remind me to deliver them when we see each other. :p But you gotta trust me. Teenage Jesus is the coolest!

panda1 panda2

Midway is The Way.
They say you are not a certified LU surfer if you don’t go to Midway. So… certified surfer na ako? Hehehehe. Akala ko diner type of goodies lang sineserve nila. But noooooo… Ang daming laman ng menu. Too bad I followed a self-imposed rule na ‘pag breakfast, dapat magbreakfast meal. Hindi na kami natuloy doon maglunch, so I only got to order the Midway American Slam. Eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, and superyummy hashbrowns! Oh and a spoonful of Kassy’s colossal ice cream with brownies and Kwe’s waffles. I have to go back for the baby back ribs! And at least half of what’s in the menu! Hehehe!

midway americanslam

You just gotta love Law #10.
According to the 48 Laws of Power, you have to avoid the unhappy and the unlucky people. I’m happy and lucky that I was with happy little punks in San Juan: the LLs Joko and Carla, Kassy (who took one for the team), Kwe (watch Dice and K-9’s Rendezvous video to see her shoulder moves), Cute 1 and Cute 2 Richard and Maia, Ejay (aka Kuya Kuneho to Joko’s Baby Baby status… ako si Lola Bunny), Carlo (na humabol lang kasi nag-effort na bumili pa ng Yellow Cab pizza bago bumiyahe ng LU), Daryl the Aussie Surf Coach (errr.. wait, hindi yata siya pasok sa category), Cashmere Bangbang’s “mom and dad” Tim and Mia, Tim Lansangan (dapat daw complete name eh), the Nisce Bros Mika and Ross, Abe my LFF and steady people whose names I don’t remember but I’d want to see again. 🙂

normis kwes

Who loves Carla? I love Carla! Luke does too!
Finally saw Luke Landrigan in flesh. Akala ko kasi dati alamat lang siya. More than half yata ng friends ko na nagpupunta sa LU para magsurf eh laging may Luke Landrigan stories. Pogi nga naman. And sexy! And maganda ang resort n’ya. (You. Yes you. Go visit San Juan Surf School! Billabong!) And mabait! And what timing! I asked him to participate in the I LOVE CARLA Project because his alamat-status makes him a celebrity in his own right. Then I found out the other day that he’s gonna be part of a TVC that is Carla’s account in McCann. Small world! But tell me, ako lang ba or hawig niya si Jesus? Teenage Jesus is that you? :p

luke1 luke21

and of course…

Ride the wave.
Or just watch them ride it. 🙂 Sorry naman. Kung gusto ko ng thrill sa buhay, tatawid na lang ako ng EDSA. Kahit si Brad Pitt pa magturo sa akin magsurf, tatanggi pa rin ako. But I was entertained watching my friends (and the hot tourists) ride the LU waves. Sobrang steady. Upo sa buhangin, kinig sa ipod (na puro Kings of Leon and Pussycat Dolls… what a combo), inom ng Red Horse, yosi yosi… perfect. I got stoked! Mwehehe. Feelingera.

sanjuan steady

Wanna wanna go back. I love you, LU. I love you, my go-go friends. 🙂


listening to: When in Rome – The Promise

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  1. jessica

     /  February 9, 2009

    luke is hot!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice pics! love your blog!

  2. one-three

     /  February 9, 2009


  3. anonymous

     /  February 9, 2009

    iya, hindi mo man lang inedit. nasa chorus pa man din:

    so tell me your name.
    pretend that i am someone you can
    possibly likely spend
    eleven minutes of masquerading madness..

  4. that luke dude is gorgeous. super fun naman ang LU adventures nyo. i wish i could go there this summer.

  5. kAt^me0w

     /  February 9, 2009


    next time we go to LU babalik ako sa midway! masarap nga food doon!

  6. Very sexy. Makes me slummating a lot. Have you ever heard about SGUFALA and its mighty power? If not, then Slum und Brum.
    Take care.

    Sguffalo Bill

  7. kassy

     /  February 12, 2009

    LU LU LU LU LU LU LU LU will always be JOKE HAPPY TIME! Hence therefore if you’ve got shit to throw out , LU is the place for the rejuvenation! pagbalik mo, puro POSITIVE vibes! 🙂 dahil… may baon ka updated Joke time sa Joke notes! ni JOKO NOTES! Hahahahah!!! 🙂

    weeee.. Let’s get back on the beach!! SUNBURN!! 🙂

  8. tagaytay muna! whee vday!

  9. You look like Marilyn Monroe with black hair in that beach shot. ♥

  10. love you entry lola bunny!
    miss ko na rin ikaw, mheng, CME party on the 21st. Swimming pool, pero malaki at may alon? say m?

  11. kristine: oh wow, thanks. 🙂

    joko: bataan wkend ko yan! :\

  12. i love LU!
    i love that i was with you girls.

    love you iya!

  13. PAMPANGGAA NAAAA feb 28!!

  14. paossssskie.......

     /  March 26, 2009

    ang ccute nyo naman sunod sama nyo ko ha……… boring kasi………..

  15. carla

     /  November 28, 2010

    i wanna go back to LU with my surfer friend….IYA! hahaha!


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