Vday Blah Blah

Why does everything seems like it only happened yesterday but I’m having a hard time remembering what I did last Valentine’s as if it happned more than 364 days ago?

All I know is I spent it with my college besties in Paranaque. Since it was at Jap’s, I’m sure we drank lots of coffee and ate good food. And prolly listened and danced to 90’s music. Hmmm… I know she gave me a pink rose. And I received 2 gigantic bars of chocolate. Why can’t I remember who they were from?

Aha! But I do remember we waited for the clock to strike 12 and we celebrated the arrival of February 15. Yey! Hindi na Valentine’s! Haha pathetic bordering on tragic. Can’t say I’m bitter. Jaded is probably the better term.

It’s hearts’ day again tomorrow and I’m not going to spend it with the college crew this time. The happyplan for tomorrow:

1 Watch dvd. Romantic comedy to infuriate self. Not a tragic love story. That would be suicidal.

2 Go to Eastwood for the QTv Bazaar. Help Joko and Kwe sell truffles. Kam on people! Buy buy buy! Visit the Manila Toffee Company booth! Life is too short to ignore truffles!

3 Attend CJ’s party. Go dentists! Go doctors! Go fratboys!

4 Sleepover in Laguna with Joko and Kassy.

5 Rise and shine. Say hola to Tagaytay!

Plan not bad for a Vday weekend. So gotta get some beauty sleep for the long weekend ahead.

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Spread the love!


Uhhh nope. I’m not going to the UP Fair. Not this year. And I’m not going to Barcino. Next week pa.


listening to: Britney Spears – Anticipating

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  1. kAt^me0w

     /  February 14, 2009

    enjoy ate iya! happy valentines!

  2. Happy Valentines Iya! hope you have a good one!

  3. Happy Valentine’s day. Iya. 🙂


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