When life gives you lemons, tomorrow, it will hand you a glass of lemonade.

I stopped blaming the universe for the big pile of crap in my life. I figured, half of it is my fault and the other half I can blame on incompetent powertripping Filipinos, the traffic in EDSA, scarcity of goodlooking straight men, and global warming.

Silly that I got drunk last Vday and cried my eyes out the following morning. Silly that I let myself think I am inadequate and undesirable when I know I got a kickass attitude and killer legs to match. LOL. It’s time to count my blessings again.

The parentals love me more than I deserve. Mama celebrated her 57th last 22nd and she didn’t whack me for not taking her shopping. Ma and Da were just happy to have me home last weekend to enjoy the ihaw-ihaw.

Pat Montojo did it again. My stalker/blogfan/secret admirer sent me a DSLR! FYI, Dill my digicam is broken beyond repair. (Well, beyond warranty actually.) I’m steady with nothing and happy with a regular camera. So just imagine my glee when I opened the LBC package and saw Bruce inside! Yep, I named my slr Bruce. 🙂 Batman forever!

The go-go friends are still on the go! Had dinner with Carla, Joko, and Katie last Thursday in Pia Y Damaso. Must eat their callos, chicken pastel, Sisa’s Dementia, and Maria Cheesecake again! Playboy Wine and Cheese Party last night in Barcino with Joko, Carlo, Kassy, and Jessie. Saw Virg and Sergi and met Ancie. Fun, fun, fun!

This weekend, will go to a Rotaract event. Sportsfest of some sort. Civic duties, kam on!

My skin is clearing up and I’m getting whiter everyday. My eyes are slanting up and I lost count of how many times I’ve been called chinita this month. Haha. I don’t know what’s happening but I like it.

It pays to be happy or it pays to act the part. I’m not acting now, though. I am happy. As always, I know I can be happier. With the lemon theory in mind, I know I can be. 🙂


Will blog some pics soon.

If you wanna see them now, check my multiply and facebook. 🙂


listening: Crazytown – Butterfly

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  1. looooooooong legs will go a loooooonng way. 🙂

  2. i meant killer legs, haha. sorry.

  3. It sure nice to know that you are happy and not pretending to be one.

    I have to drop by sa supermarket at bibili ako ng maraming lemons at gagawa ako ng lemonade…nauhaw ako bigla eh. hehe!

  4. kAt

     /  February 26, 2009

    a stalker gave you a dslr?

    tell him to stalk me too!!!

  5. i want to meet bruce.
    i want to intro him to adam, wade, brandon, pacey, jc and pinky – his blood brothers. hahahaha!

  6. I swear it’s all this positivity and your heart cleansed during vday! 🙂 come to think of it, you cried and yet you still celebrated it with much love and warmth with such beautiful ladies who knows YOU’RE KICKASS and deserve so much better than ever!

    I have been there and within the emotional turmoil of actually thinking I was inadequate … ALL OF YOU WERE THERE to lift me up hence I have seen the support and the foundation of your friendship – hard,rock,solid. 🙂

    Of course everything is lightening up. you were able to cry out shit, your aura was able to release its awesome bright disposition – which btw, gave charm another dose of vibrancy! NAKANAMPOOCH (ano sabi ko?, na nosebleed ako .. basta yun na yun, okay)


  7. Lilliana

     /  March 3, 2009

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  8. it’s all about that rule in 48 laws of powers.
    Did I give you the book of secrets?

    Way happy rin mheng!


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