I realized I’m spending too much on food lately that I neglect to get the other stuff I need (or really really want). Ok, so Iya, commit. Must get these things before mid-March. Lessen fancy dinners and pigging out even during office hours. Ooops. Hehe.

Must get
– mineral make-up (to not reactivate ze zits)
– batteries and case for Brucey!
– swimsuits and other beach clothes (just in case there’s a La Union Part II or a miracle that I win tickets to Bora, lol. Kahit CME, papatulan ko na. :P)
– another cooler and case for Uno
– an organizer to organize my life… seriously! (ay hindi. bibigyan na pala ako ni Carlo. Hoy Carlo, bukas ha!)
– dresses… because i want to feel girly. bleh!
– cellphone (ay eto kahit next next month pa. hunger strike ang katapat nito if i get one anytime soon. and i cant give up my breakfastlunchdinnerandtwomeriendas just for this mwahahaha)
– killer shoes… to match the dresses. duh.
– stuff in my Mommy and Daddy’s invisible wishlist (kelangan ko bumawi. waaaaahhhh!!!)
– that bath and bodyworks cologne i bought for kris kringle. ang bango eh,
– and a psych book. i badly need to fill in the gaps of my not-so-used brain,

Ok, starting tomorrow, I will not overspend on food anymore. And if I can’t help it, I’ll just tell myself, “At least hindi ako nagdadrugs,”



listening to: Aqua – Barbie Girl

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  1. hiya, went on a vacation to the phils last xmas and i was surprised at the big changes in bf (all those watering holes in aguirre, the new shops/restos). para ding dumami lalo tao sa bf. also overspent on food (especially those not here in nz) but anyway minsan lang naman umuwi.

  2. huwat? diet na tayo LLB? waaaaahh!!
    but okay, lets take it easy on food – hati na lang tayo next time ha? i need to diet din eh. hahaha! kase sobrang gained weight from all our eating since baguio…..

    mish you!

    p.s. wafu ni jlc sa you changed my life! mwahahah!

  3. drink lots of water before meal. epektib.

  4. DIET?! Whatever will happen to you and Carla?!!? Oh no! dizazter!! 🙂

    LU/BEACH: there is NO JUST IN CASE coz IT WILL HAPPEN !! Boracay, camown too!!

    … and I agree, diet for my wallet.


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