Something’s out there that I really really REALLY want. I’ve never been so excited and screaming all-systems-go in all of my 27 years.

I can see what I can do… we can do… in hard graphic detail. It’s still in surreal stage since I don’t know if we can pull this off.

All I know is that I’ve already started working. 🙂


listening to: BEP – Pump It

The BS that is Britney.

Ten years ago, according to me…
BS = Britney Spears = Bull Shit


The mere mention of Britney Spears makes me want to get a jungle bolo and scream NO MERCY!!!

I can’t quite place why I loathed Britney Spears beyond humanly possible. Possibly due to pure annoyance because of her oddly pitched voice and bubblegum pop? Uhhh… no, wait, I adored Mandy Moore. Maybe because of sheer envy that she was loved by my then-object of desire, JT? Naaaahhh, never had the urge to rip Jessica Alba into confetti. Hmmm… what I felt for Brit was prolly one of those hate-in-an-instant-fuck-the-reason glitches of human symbiosis. (Lol, wtf?)

Thing was, I hated her. But I loved her music. I didn’t think I was fickle. I could just be really kickass when it comes to detachment. If the god of muxak can grant me one gift, I’d want to dance like Brit. Come on! Toxiiiic video!

I never admitted (well duhhhh, just now) that I was disappointed when she went AWOL from the biz. True, I joined in the fun of bashing her when she married and got divorced under 24 hours, made a fool of herself with KFed, shaved her head, and flashed her crotch… but damn I missed her songs. I started filling my playlist with her songs during her dark ages.

A soft spot in my heart which I didn’t know existed (the spot or the heart, you decide) ached for her when she was undergoing media shit and rehab crap. The tough side of my brain (well I doubt if there’s a soft spot there anyway) was unexpectedly proud of her bad-publicity-is-still-publicity act. Act or not, I wanted to give her a chance and I wanted the whole world to give Brit a chance as well…

And we did. Joko, Brit’s number 1 worshipper, gave me the Blackout album as my 26th birthday gift. I said thanks but gave her a this-might-end-our-friendship look. But really, I loved Britney’s comeback album. For weeks I started my day with Gimme More and went to work listening (and dancing in my head) to Piece of Me. Gotta hand it down to Brit for coming back fiercer and sexier.

I didn’t think it was possible, but she proved me wrong with Circus that she can still be fiercer-er and sexier-er. Sorry for the lack of adjectives, but admit it, I still made a point.

For the fun of Britney pun, I gotta say, she really hit us baby one more time.

And I bet my (naked) bottom dollar that she’s gonna hit us over and over again.

Bring it, Brit! I love you now. =)


listening to: Britney Spears – Circus

We’re loving Bruce’s panoramic funk.

Funk for funktion. Hahaha. Nahirapan na ako mag-isip ng title eh.





Pics taken in Zong and Cafeteria. 🙂


listening to: Madonna – Music

In a relationship

It’s amusing borderline amazing what a change in relationship status can do.

I’m still not done reading and replying to all the messages in my facebook inbox. I wonder if he’s already checked his. Hehe.


listening to: Madonna – Beautiful Stranger

Sushi, Tempura and Rakrakan Night

This was the night before I went to Bataa Sixteen hours or something before I launched into my emocholating mode. Emo and chocolates galore.


after pao tsin . before kikufuji


miki . carlo . kassy . joko. iya


sushi is love


tempura is love in another form


kjwan @ saguijo


kassy . me . ian


us with nff’s leslie, jason, and ian


one more time

Oh oh oh, this is also the night I proved that disrespect is part of my charm.


listening to: No Doubt – Underneath It All

Sorry, pero naiinis talaga ako sa iyo. Hu u?

I deleted another number from my phonebook. That is my MO when I don’t want to be all kulit anymore, especially when my kakulitan is bordering on futility. There… so I removed his numero and there is no way I can contact him unless I ask it from Joko, Carla, and our other friends. Promise, I don’t have his number memorized. I don’t even know what network he’s using.

I feel like breaking dishes like Rihanna whenever I remember him not doing what he should have done 5 days ago. He shouldn’t have told me he’ll do it when he can’t. Maybe he doesn’t want to anymore. But still, he should have told me! I would have understood. Well, I would have told him to shove his surfboard up his ass, then smile a smile a little wobbly at the corners and then tell him I’m just kidding and no damage done. Maybe he wants to but I totally pressured him with my sheer enthusiasm and got turned off? Holy shit. He might be thinking I wanted the game to be real? Whoa. No naman siguro…. No naman sana! Yaiks. Well I wouldn’t know since he didn’t reply to my last text. And that was more than 24 hours ago. Hence, me deleting his number.

Weh. I wish he can text me so that I can have the satisfaction of replying HU U?

Or maybe, like him, I won’t reply at all.


I know you won’t get to read this. Putakte, FB mo nga hindi mo ma-check eh. Hahaha, sorry binigdeal ko yung small… errrm… deal. Nag-iinarte lang. Ikaw kasi eh, in-excite mo ko. Hahaha. Oh well, see ya whenever. Summer nga pala. Magku-krus pa rin ang landas natin.


listening to: The Ting Tings – Great DJ

Dindin Slash Retreat


Had an impromptu dinner cum retreat last Monda with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Miki, Lucky (Joko’s baby squirrel) and Pandy (Carla’s baby panda) last Monday night in Tiananmen. We learned a great deal about each other like:

* It will take a nuclear bomb to shake Carla. And if she were food, she’d be Lechon Cebu.
* Kwe needs to know what helicopter is. She also needs to convince her parents not to make her Operations Manager yet.
* Miki is the only non-late bloomer amongst us. And she’s quite extreme when it comes to leaping.
* Joko’s not only maalaga- she’s motherly. She’s made herself adventurous but she’s still working on taking risks where it counts.
* And I… well, I really am a bitch (na nasa lugar daw) who doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship.

I loved my first ever Introspective Q&A with the go-go girls. I can’t wait for the next one. I already have harder, more exciting questions prepared. Some involve pairing. Some involve a bit of math and geography. Ang panalo, di’ba? Haha, prolly not the math part. But I’m sure kaya ni LLB Carla yon. Gusto nga daw niya magturo ng Accounting eh!

Anyhoodles, another highlight of the dindin/retreat was the call-the-boys part. May usapang chocolates, LU, paggawa ng baby, and pinili na ang anniv sa 15 para sweldo! Me thinks them boys should be present the next round of Introspective Q&A. That should be interesting. =) Hopefully in LU as soon as Carla returns from her training in Vietnam.  If not LU, Tiananmen is still ok. I want more of their lumpia with sesame seeds and lechon sisig and lemon chicken…. what? I need nutrients to answer the questions! :p


listening to: Britney Spears – Circus

Amazing 3

Woohoo! Amazing 3 days! Friday! Saturday! Sunday!

dindin and coffee. inasal. molo. crabfat. Carla. Joko. Cindy. Sino si Ian? Luke Landrigan. I love Carla and I desire Iya by Jericho Rosales promise. Miki. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Morrocan Mint Latte. Maffy and friends. Kwe. Be tough! Grr! Tarot cards. general and specific. Vietnam and Guam. inspiration and consistency. LATE NIGHT FRIDAYS!

after work chorva. Cash and Carry! Bie. Doc CJ. Jokoness. sale. sukiyaki steak. maki. gravy gravy gravy. palimos ng crush. dental procedures. yosi break. Freaky Iya!

easy like Sunday morning. Club Manila East. surfing. picture picture. Joko and Kwe. EJAY surfmaster. article about Ejay and Paolo in Metro Magazine. Shettt sikat!!!!! wave pool. Hot Rocks. bigass steaks. salmon belly sinigang. little bunny JJ. haaamaaaazing gift for LLB. killer questions. greentea frappe. SOMS! catfish salad. tom yum. spring rolls. stuffed toys. “Masturbate your mind.” – Kathlene. LUCKY! Luck + Integrity = Linteg!


the dolphin


i swear i need to read Bruce’s manual … biglang dumilim o


PSA shirt


the look of love daw according to Joko


another madilim shot… huhuhu manual nga!


Som’s, Rockwell! Thai food! Yuuummm!


Godmother Iya, Mommy Joko and Lucky The Baby Squirrel

The awesomeness of the past few is keeping me sane this manic Monday. 🙂


listening to: Lionel Richie – Easy Like Sunday Morning

Status: Seen

Luke told us last night that our I Love Carla pics from LU were posted in an online mag.

Carla and I were surprised and a half because we had no idea how it got there. Well, aside from the fact that the article was about Luke Landrigan. Anyhoodles, I just saw the pics. That’s me, Carla, Luke, and the I Love Carla sign alright. A link to my blog underneath. Yaaaay for acknowledgement!

Check out statusmagonline.

It’s a great read! And I’m not just saying because I got my pretty (smug) face in one of the articles.

Read to believe. Go!


listening to:  Groove Armada – Superstylin’

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