Recap of my first week of March

Sunday: slept most of the day because I got back 7am from my southsidesteady reunion with the college friends. Went to the supermarket to get snacks for the office. I swear, I’m redeveloping an addiction for Sunflower Chicken Crackers and Hansel Coffee Biscuits. I am a walking bulk of preservative and artificial flavoring. Yummy nonetheless. LOL.

Monday: dindin and coffee with Ate Dona after work. For the first time in a hefty long time, it was Ate Dona who ranted over dinner. Work stuff. It is really hard to work in a company if their values do not match yours. I think things will turn out right, though. She wouldn’t have stayed for more than 2 years in my previous company if it’s just down-bound.

Tuesday and Wednesday: went straight home from work. Pigged out on white meat and veggies. Sinigang na bangus sa miso and salted egg salad, chicken inasal and ginataang langka, paksiw na bangus and munggo with ampalaya, grilled squid and green mango salad. Downloaded 200+ songs of Kings of Leon, Jimmy Eats World, Lenny Kravitz, Oasis, The Beatles, Paolo Nutini, Beck, The Killers, and -gasp- Britney Spears. Did I say Kings of Leon? I think I may be in love with lead vocalist Caleb Followill. Hot-hot-hot!

Thursday: couldn’t be happier to leave the office for another Greenbelt dindin with friends. The verification task was killing me and I decided, I needed a treat. Was with Joko and Kassy in Masas and finally got to hang out with Darlene (plus her friend Micc). Another finally– Oryx got to hang out with Joko. Seeing two of the most important people in my life together made me one happy girl! The deepfried squid tentacles with crab fat and Lengua Sevillana made me a happi-ER girl! Haha, basta talaga pagkain! :p

Friday: Team Recruitment dindin at Dampa after shift. Went to Tonyang’s in Macapagal with some of my colleagues. Crabs! Shrimps! Prawns! Mussels! Tuna Belly! Rice! Rice! Rice! I think I shocked them with my construction worker-appetite. Oh well. An active girl’s gotta have her chow. And what a CHOW it was. :p

Saturday: Felt soooooo good to slowly open my eyes and discover it’s already 5pm. Better to do a finger math and realize I slept almost 15 hours and just in time for Hannah Montana! :p Had a very late breakfast-late lunch-early dinner at 6pm. Ginataang labong with saluyot, caldereta, 2 cups of rice, picadillo, and halo-halo (with extra leche flan and ube). What? I missed 2 major meals and 2 snacks! It’s called compensation! No wonder they say I have a construction-worker appetite. After my meal fit for a giant, I watched the replay of the Grammy’s (while my friends are in MOA waiting for or already enjoying the Eraserheads concert), downloaded more songs of KOL (must have all their songs by now), checked out the Eheads livestream but was toooooo lazy to pay attention, and painted my nails pussy red. Uhhh… yeah. That’s what it says on the Caronia bottle, hehe. By 11ish, I got out of the house and headed to Reena’s birthday inuman.

Sunday: I arrived in CJ’s house for Reena’s celeb 12ish and it took 30 mins for Joko, Carla, and Kassy to follow. Clearly, my girlfriends enjoyed the Eheads final set. I was happy in their behalf that Ely’s heart didn’t malfunction again. I was sad – no, frustrated– that I wasn’t there to see Jericho Rosales. This is the 3rd time I could have seem him but didn’t. Eff you universe. Ok, about the party, I read tarot for Reena as a birthday gift. I didn’t enjoy the quasi-Bailey’s drink CJ made, it was too strong. I snapped like a twig and bit Kassy’s head off because she made me felt excluded. Joko said she probably didn’t mean it, but she really hit one of my fat sensitive nerves. And well, I’m not called bitch for nothing. I’m ok now, I just hope she doesn’t forget or be insensitive next time. Ho-hummm… 😦 We left the party earlier than the last time… at 5:00am. Hehe. Didn’t sleep yet when I got home. Still had the energy to upload pics. Dozed off 7ish. Got up at 5 (again, just in time for Hannah Montana… guess who loves Miley? Fuck you Miley-haters!!!) craving for Century Tuna Lite in vegetable oil with sawsawan of patis, vinegar, and chiligarlic. And halo-halo. It’s truly summer. I just can’t eat without it anymore. That, or I’m just plain matakaw. Spent the rest of my night watching Season 1 of Ugly Betty and trying to blog.

Obviously, I didn’t try hard enough. Hence, this semi-late post. 🙂

pics to follow


listening to: Paolo Nutini – Rewind

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  1. kAt^me0w

     /  March 9, 2009

    gosh ate iya, ang takaw mo nga.

    gusto mo na si Britney?!?!??!?!?

  2. what a week eh?, miss reading your blog. busy lang talaga ko ngayon. *sigh*

  3. kat: matakaw and mighty proud of it. :p britney britney britney, cant deny i love her songs. errr, i still dont love her but i dont hate her anymore. :p aha, improving!

    candice: hi! ako rin busy-busyhan. nagboblog nga ako pero nawawala naman ang substance. too busy to write abt the important stuff. oh well. take care!

  4. i must say, constant ang food sa buong week mo. Happy life indeed!

    Sobrang natakot ako/nalorka sa opening statements ni Oryx, kinakaya ang statement na “when iya told me about you…” at sabat ng joko “wait..wait.. di ako ready!! pagod ako!!” wahaha!

    And i love the britney love her songs evahr. I’m spreading some britney love, nakatulong ang pagbigay ko ng Blackout CD sa iyo last year, bigyan uli kita ng Circus, you want?

    you know we wab you very much! hugs, kisses and all that jazz! wish me luck today!

  5. miko

     /  March 12, 2009

    nagkabangs ka lang, gusto mo na si britney!

  6. kassy

     /  March 21, 2009

    didn’t mean toooooo.. nagtampo ka na agad kasi nung namention ni joko bigla.. naghanap talaga ako ng shirt status for you but there wasn’t anyyyyyyy 😦 kaya di ko na minention na I got for the 2 girls kasi kasi kasi kulang wala din si kwe dun sa surprise na nashopping ko.. soooorrrryyy naaaaaaaa ulitttttt 😦


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