Dindin Slash Retreat


Had an impromptu dinner cum retreat last Monda with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Miki, Lucky (Joko’s baby squirrel) and Pandy (Carla’s baby panda) last Monday night in Tiananmen. We learned a great deal about each other like:

* It will take a nuclear bomb to shake Carla. And if she were food, she’d be Lechon Cebu.
* Kwe needs to know what helicopter is. She also needs to convince her parents not to make her Operations Manager yet.
* Miki is the only non-late bloomer amongst us. And she’s quite extreme when it comes to leaping.
* Joko’s not only maalaga- she’s motherly. She’s made herself adventurous but she’s still working on taking risks where it counts.
* And I… well, I really am a bitch (na nasa lugar daw) who doesn’t know if she wants to be in a relationship.

I loved my first ever Introspective Q&A with the go-go girls. I can’t wait for the next one. I already have harder, more exciting questions prepared. Some involve pairing. Some involve a bit of math and geography. Ang panalo, di’ba? Haha, prolly not the math part. But I’m sure kaya ni LLB Carla yon. Gusto nga daw niya magturo ng Accounting eh!

Anyhoodles, another highlight of the dindin/retreat was the call-the-boys part. May usapang chocolates, LU, paggawa ng baby, and pinili na ang anniv sa 15 para sweldo! Me thinks them boys should be present the next round of Introspective Q&A. That should be interesting. =) Hopefully in LU as soon as Carla returns from her training in Vietnam.  If not LU, Tiananmen is still ok. I want more of their lumpia with sesame seeds and lechon sisig and lemon chicken…. what? I need nutrients to answer the questions! :p


listening to: Britney Spears – Circus

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  1. Hm. Havent been in any of retreats.. or just-made-retreat-events.

    Enjoy your next one! hehe.

  2. thanks, i will! 🙂

  3. panis ang accounting! mwahahha!
    nakita mo na si velcro LLB?

  4. buti na lang i’m good at geography. haha!
    math, kakayanin!

    here’s to lessons learned! camown@!

  5. iya

     /  March 19, 2009

    carla: i saw velcro na noh. nagcomment pa kaya ako ng, “nagmeet na ba sila ni jake?”

    joko: oo nga joks, in fairness ang fabulous mo sa geo… semi-fab nga lang pag umaga. hahaha. :p

  6. iya, mas maganda ang mundo ko pag-gabi. i’m a creature of the night. dyusko, ano na naman ba itong pinagsasabi ko?

  7. kAt^me0w

     /  March 19, 2009

    ate iya, i really love your bangs. 🙂 binagayan ka talaga.

  8. kassy

     /  March 21, 2009

    ANOTHER ROUUUUNDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    RETREAT!!!! MIA MIA MIA akooooo.. *tears*


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