Sorry, pero naiinis talaga ako sa iyo. Hu u?

I deleted another number from my phonebook. That is my MO when I don’t want to be all kulit anymore, especially when my kakulitan is bordering on futility. There… so I removed his numero and there is no way I can contact him unless I ask it from Joko, Carla, and our other friends. Promise, I don’t have his number memorized. I don’t even know what network he’s using.

I feel like breaking dishes like Rihanna whenever I remember him not doing what he should have done 5 days ago. He shouldn’t have told me he’ll do it when he can’t. Maybe he doesn’t want to anymore. But still, he should have told me! I would have understood. Well, I would have told him to shove his surfboard up his ass, then smile a smile a little wobbly at the corners and then tell him I’m just kidding and no damage done. Maybe he wants to but I totally pressured him with my sheer enthusiasm and got turned off? Holy shit. He might be thinking I wanted the game to be real? Whoa. No naman siguro…. No naman sana! Yaiks. Well I wouldn’t know since he didn’t reply to my last text. And that was more than 24 hours ago. Hence, me deleting his number.

Weh. I wish he can text me so that I can have the satisfaction of replying HU U?

Or maybe, like him, I won’t reply at all.


I know you won’t get to read this. Putakte, FB mo nga hindi mo ma-check eh. Hahaha, sorry binigdeal ko yung small… errrm… deal. Nag-iinarte lang. Ikaw kasi eh, in-excite mo ko. Hahaha. Oh well, see ya whenever. Summer nga pala. Magku-krus pa rin ang landas natin.


listening to: The Ting Tings – Great DJ

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  1. ry

     /  March 20, 2009

    TOUGH! 🙂

  2. ry:
    tough-toughan lang. 🙂 cant be real tough. friend namin yung guy. loves namen yun.

    anonymous piece of crap:
    shoot. anong kalandian dyan. eh game nga. tsssh wag ka nga umepal sa mga bagay na hindi mo naiintindihan. fukker.

  3. sino yang anonymi??

    hagisan ko yan ng dynamita. haha!

    aww, okay lang yan iya, i have no idea what’s up with that guy, but ganen talga yon mheng. medyo lutang.

  4. kassy

     /  March 21, 2009

    NAKAKALOKA NA MAY NAMISS OUT AKO NA MATINDING GANITO!!! 😡 huyyyy kwentong malupetttt!!

  5. ok na! OK NA!!! 🙂

  6. kassy

     /  March 24, 2009

    facebook is the wayyyyyy!! hehehe


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