The BS that is Britney.

Ten years ago, according to me…
BS = Britney Spears = Bull Shit


The mere mention of Britney Spears makes me want to get a jungle bolo and scream NO MERCY!!!

I can’t quite place why I loathed Britney Spears beyond humanly possible. Possibly due to pure annoyance because of her oddly pitched voice and bubblegum pop? Uhhh… no, wait, I adored Mandy Moore. Maybe because of sheer envy that she was loved by my then-object of desire, JT? Naaaahhh, never had the urge to rip Jessica Alba into confetti. Hmmm… what I felt for Brit was prolly one of those hate-in-an-instant-fuck-the-reason glitches of human symbiosis. (Lol, wtf?)

Thing was, I hated her. But I loved her music. I didn’t think I was fickle. I could just be really kickass when it comes to detachment. If the god of muxak can grant me one gift, I’d want to dance like Brit. Come on! Toxiiiic video!

I never admitted (well duhhhh, just now) that I was disappointed when she went AWOL from the biz. True, I joined in the fun of bashing her when she married and got divorced under 24 hours, made a fool of herself with KFed, shaved her head, and flashed her crotch… but damn I missed her songs. I started filling my playlist with her songs during her dark ages.

A soft spot in my heart which I didn’t know existed (the spot or the heart, you decide) ached for her when she was undergoing media shit and rehab crap. The tough side of my brain (well I doubt if there’s a soft spot there anyway) was unexpectedly proud of her bad-publicity-is-still-publicity act. Act or not, I wanted to give her a chance and I wanted the whole world to give Brit a chance as well…

And we did. Joko, Brit’s number 1 worshipper, gave me the Blackout album as my 26th birthday gift. I said thanks but gave her a this-might-end-our-friendship look. But really, I loved Britney’s comeback album. For weeks I started my day with Gimme More and went to work listening (and dancing in my head) to Piece of Me. Gotta hand it down to Brit for coming back fiercer and sexier.

I didn’t think it was possible, but she proved me wrong with Circus that she can still be fiercer-er and sexier-er. Sorry for the lack of adjectives, but admit it, I still made a point.

For the fun of Britney pun, I gotta say, she really hit us baby one more time.

And I bet my (naked) bottom dollar that she’s gonna hit us over and over again.

Bring it, Brit! I love you now. =)


listening to: Britney Spears – Circus

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