I want a challenge NOT a trial.

Gotta learn how to ask the universe for specific things.

Mmmm hmmm.



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Hello, Universe?

Just got home from a dinner meeting in Fish Out of Water/CBTL with the girls (plus Sander). Meeting? Yes, meeting. Business meeting. Na-promote na kami sa ganyan from boytalk showbiztalk and other girly gossips. Serious na kami! Prayer + Work + Virtue + Science + Cheerleading !!! San ka pa?

There’s this business venture that Joko is spearheading that I desperately want to be part of. I think it was her serious mode that convinced me. Or must be her green headband. Ewan ko lang. Fukk, I’m not making sense. Ah basta. I wannawannawanna join. But for that to happen, I need something close to a miracle that will give me a semi-huge amount of money.

Universe, give me a miracle.


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TGIF Happies

I always hear how yummy keylime pie is. When I saw Laguna Lime Cheesecake in the Fish Out of Water menu, I decided to try it since it might be the closest thing I get to the proverbial dessert.


Putakte, what the hell is keylime anyway? Well, according to Wiki…

The Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia (Christmas) Swingle) is a citrus species with a globose fruit, 2.5-5 cm in diameter (1-2 in), that is yellow when ripe but usually picked green commercially. It is smaller, seedier, has a higher acidity, a stronger aroma, and a thinner rind than that of the Persian lime (Citrus x latifolia).

Whatev. Basta, kain lang ng kain!


Joko and I are trying to straighten out our bunny family tree. According to our last convo, I have two bunnykids. Joko and Kwe. Joko’s dad is a Latino bunny who was cursed to become a Himalayan Yeti when he broke my heart. Haha. Kwe’s dad is a Chinese bunny who was also cursed when he broke my heart. He became the Sleeping Dragon. (He looks like more of a dimsum to me.) Because of the consecutive heartbreaks, I decided to find myself first and work in a call center hahaha. I left my 2 bunnybebes to my panda friends in the Bamboo Forest. Hence, they call Carla and Mike, Mommy Panda and Daddy Panda. :p Kwe calls me Mommy Bunny. Joko calls me Lola Bunny because she is a tad disrespectful child and Lola is my bunny name.

We have a unicorn friend named Miki.


Haha. The yellow bunny is Kwe. The blue one is Joko. Pic taken in Greyone, where Unicorn Miki can be found.


Random Sergi sighting. I love this pic. I look mabait here. And I lovelove my surfgirl shirt c/o my co-surfer LLB Carla. Hehehe.


Mmm hmmm. That’s all, folks.


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The Aftermath of The 1st Monday Retreat

All it took was a single phone call to freeze my brain, make me break out in cold sweat, accelerate my heartbeat in fatal thuds, and make me powerless to produce coherent speech.

Hell, I wasn’t even capable of saying one damn hello. I just stared at my mobile as it rang out The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. After what seemed like six rings, I pressed END.

I guess it’s not yet time for us to talk. For you, there is nothing to talk about. For me, I thought there was nothing to dig up, expose, and touch on until I found myself wondering about gray areas in my life that I didn’t want to admit hold relevance to what I have become. Gray areas that I tried to analyze on my own, but just couldn’t. God knows I don’t like relying on people to solve my own puzzles. I walk solo for a purpose. I loved you but never depended my happiness on you and I’m most definitely not going to start now. I don’t need you, only your assistance. And love is different from high regard.

I know that you’re not exactly in the best of moods now, I’m sorry if I can’t be of help and I seem to be adding on to complications. I’m glad you took time to call to check how I am. I guess I gave you the impression that I’m undergoing something cataclysmic. I’m not. At least, not yet.

There’s a reason why I never hated you even if you hurt me in more ways than all of them combined. I guess part of why I want to talk to you to is find out what that reason is.

I hope that you get out of the shithole you are in soon so I could be less guilty of getting some of your exclusive, precious time. By then, I hope to be capable of producing coherent speech, because I wouldn’t have the END button for my escape once we decide to eventually sit down and talk.


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Hasta luego, Oryx!

It’s a rainy summer night and I just had clam chowder with cheese and leeks and biscuits for dinner. I’m going to watch dvds (The Duchess and The Reader) right after I blog what I should have blogged a few nights ago.

Here goes.

Oryx is leaving me! Waaaahhhh! well, he is leaving the P.I. for Singapore next week. Work stuff. Haaayyy. I’m going to miss him a hell lot. Prolly miss him too much. We went out with Eunice last Tuesday night for despedida dinner and drinks. Cafe Bola, M Cafe and Tabu.


Took some pics for my photo project. Still don’t know when I’d start the blog. Still gathering some contributions…


Loved The Rockstar drink, except I didn’t eat the lychees. Blech.


How can Tabu nights be the same without Oryx? Haaayyy. No more going home 5am and life planning until 6ish albeit there’s work after a few hours. Haha, I managed to go to work even earlier than my call time regardless of my meager 2-hour sleep. Didn’t get drunk, even tipsy kasi. Pero ‘yung isang tao dyan… ahahaha nanghahalik ng semi-stranger sabay nagwawalkout papuntang washroom. Hahahah.

I am saddened by Oryx’s departure but I am happy for him; I’m sure he’ll have loads of adventure in Sg. I just wish we could have spent more time together, getting wasted and being interventionists (in Tagalog, mga pakialamero-pakialamera).

See you later to the angel on my shoulder, the devil in my head.

Buti na lang nandyan lang ang Singapore. Five seconds lang pag in- astral travel. Haha.


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Food, Project & Food Project

I had two nights out last week with the girlfriends. First one was last Wednesday with Joko and Kwe. We had dinner in Plate and Yummy in A Venue. Weird yet delicious pad thai and crunchy savory sisig! Don’t ask me why the pad thai was weird. I’m not a food expert. Tagakain lang ako. :p But I think I heard something about the mushrooms. Weh, basta, masarap! Vanilla frappes after in Coffee Bean while having a Manila Toffee Company meeting and waiting for Doc CJ to give us the pasalubong from Baguio. Chocoflakes and lengua de gato! Mmmmmmm!




Ako tagakain? Wait, hindi lang pala ako tagakain. Tagabenta na rin pala ako! 😀 Kinikilig ako na dumadami na ang bumibili sa amin ng homemade truffles and toffee. 🙂 Dark chocolate tablea is still the best seller! Favorites rin ang white chocolate vanilla and English toffee. Interested? Email me so I can give you more details. iyassantos@yahoo.com and iyassantos@live.com

Second foodtrip night was last Friday with the girls minus Kwe (hardworking kasi, pfffftttt!!!). We were supposed to eat at Mister Kebab in West Ave but the damn place was packed. We were 20th in line, so we decided to go to Eastwood instead kaysa tumirik ang mata namin sa gutom. Teriyaki Boy! Dindin c/o my LLB Carla. If you still don’t know what LLB means, it’s Lesbian Lover sa Bituka. Carla is the only person is this natural world whose bituka can feel the needs and wants of my own bituka. Hence, she’s my numero uno lamon partner. Unagi, gyoza, maki, teriyaki, tempura, tofu, etc etc! Sarap! At double sarap kasi libre! Hehehe! Dairy Queen for dessert. So happy with their Banana Split Blizzard. At mukhang lahat rin sila na-happy dun, dahil lahat yata kami nakakain dun sa 12oz na in-order ko. Yummmmyyy! Noted: Oreo Cake for Carla’s 28th birthday. Hehehe.




Projects, projects… I have two. First is to get more people to enjoy the truffles and toffee. Again, email me for more details! And two, my food photoblog. I’ve put events into motion. It’s only a matter of time. Trust me, this is going to be goooood. 🙂 Just wait for it, wait for it. WAIT.FOR.IT!

Speaking of projects, I would like to congratulate Carla for getting Jake Cuenca to love her. SERIOUSLY LOVE her.


O diba. Serious! Hahaha! After hundred of iloveCarla photos, LLB, you finally got Jake to love you. I’m so happy for you. Is Daddy Panda Mike happy for you, too? Hehehehe. Belated happy monthsary, pandas! XOXO Mommy Bunny (part panda) IYA


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Been busy-busyhan.


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Go lang ng go. Fight lang ng fight.

‘Wag mo nang ituloy yang food photo project mo. Waste of time.

‘Wag mo nang karirin yang trabaho mo. Magpa-promote ka muna.

Don’t watch Hannah Montana The Movie. That Cyrus girl sucks.

Stop worrying about the future. Just face today.

Yan ang sabi nila. But noooooo. Sorry bitches, ill-wishers, nega-people. I’m going to pursue the photo proj because I feel it’s going to click. I’m going to continue working hard because I don’t need a higher post to be productive. I am going to watch Miley’s movie because I like her dad’s song Achey Breaky Heart am a fan of the TV Series. I’m going to worry about the future because stressing is one of my recreational activities.

I’m going to because I can and more importantly, because I WANT TO.

If you can’t help me, just shut the f up.


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Bataan Easter Sunset





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