Should still be zzzz-ing not forking down sausages…

I was driven out of dreamland in an ungodly hour (6:oo hahaha) because my killjoy conscious mind told me to eat something… anything (like a piece of cardboard perhaps) because my stomach felt like an acid swamp. I got two pieces of vanilla wafers to do the trick. But because I rarely get up early to enjoy the most important meal of the day, I decided to indulge and cooked sinangag with lots of garlic, scrambled eggs with cheese, fried potatoes with paprika, and chicken sausages. I’m eating my big breakfast now while blogging and downloading Marilyn Manson songs.

Uhhh no. I shit you not. This is not in the spirit of April Fool’s. I really am eating a big breakfast (duuuhhh as if ang hirap paniwalaan nito sa takaw ko) and downloading MM songs. I was influenced by Miki’s text, “I’m so loving Marilyn Manson’s User Friendly… I’m not in love but I’m gonna fuck you until somebody better comes along,” Who wouldn’t love that directness especially on a Wednesday morning?” Haha, what? Wooooh-kay, me thinks the acid in my stomach went straightnorth to my brain. :p

Uuuugggghhhh… I’m sooooo lazy to go to work, but I’ve been really driven, hardworking and productive for the past 2 days (better put, naghahalimaw sa stats) and I don’t wanna lose my streak. Besides, I can’t buy me new shoes tonight if I don’t hit my SIQ today. SIQ = Self-Imposed Quota. And yes, me likey new shoes. Or new swimsuit. Mustard Yellow. Even if it won’t work well with my current color. I swear, I need to be sunraped. Uhuh, not enough to be sunkissed!

Holy f, 8:40 na pala.

Shit shit shit, I hafta go get ready for work! Tell me I didn’t get up ridiculously early only to be late!!!!!

Mornings stress me. Oh well. Good day, everyone!



listening to: Destiny’s Child – She Aint Got That Boom Like I Do

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