Pat on the back, Iya.

One learns to delight in little triumphs when one lives an almost-insipid life.

Here are my small victories since I took a leave of absence from every night partying:

1 Red meat consumption reduced from 4x to 2x a week. At first I thought it’s the stress that’s keeping me slim, but who am I kidding? Stressing is one of my recreational activities. So, it can’t be that. I noticed that I’ve maintained my 115-118 lbs-body since I started eating more fish and veggies. My momma’s gonna be sooo proud!

2 No lates 2 weeks and counting. I stopped blaming the death of flexi sched for my tardiness. I’ve been sleeping earlier than 2am so that I can wake up earlier and have ample time to get a cab without harassing the others also waiting to get a ride. Being on time, ahead even, means no focus alert from my sup and no reason for my blood pressure to surge skyhigh.

3 Sold 168 pieces of dark chocolate and 36 pieces of white chocolate truffles. Because Friday is one of Joko’s Manila days, I asked my friends and colleagues if they wanted to buy the heavenly yet sinful chocolates I made them taste a month ago. Of course, they said yes. Who would say no to Manila Toffee Company’s goodies anyway? I absolutely love helping Joko and Kwe with this delectable biz and I can’t wait for my commission. What? Toffee! Hihihih! I’ll say it one more time boys and girls, life is too short to ignore chocolates.

4 Fought a temptation clad in body ink. Better zero than negative. Save a wave. Ride a surfer. Mind and arrow must become one to hit the target. Keep off the grass. Ok, ok… I admit, I only won one or two battles against him. I haven’t won the war yet. But I will win. I will! I wiiiiill!!!

5 No red flag behavior to applicants… I think. It’s really hard to stay nice and unaffected when an applicant acts as if he is heaven’s gift to the call center industry and pronounces benefits as binepets.

Today, diet, punctuality, sales, prudence, and temperance… tomorrow, I might just find a cure for AIDS, solve corruption, and take on the world.

Oh yeah sure, whatev. :p


listening to: Alanis Morrisette – You Learn

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  1. go iya!!!

    I pat you in the back too! 🙂

  2. Good on ya, Iyabells! 😀 In 2 weeks, I’ll make a list of all my little victories as well. Sana meron! Mwahahahahahaha!

  3. round of applause!! 🙂


  4. haha at least pat on the back nde na “love”tap


  5. Tara

     /  April 5, 2009

    Yay, Iya! 🙂


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