TGIF Happies

I always hear how yummy keylime pie is. When I saw Laguna Lime Cheesecake in the Fish Out of Water menu, I decided to try it since it might be the closest thing I get to the proverbial dessert.


Putakte, what the hell is keylime anyway? Well, according to Wiki…

The Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia (Christmas) Swingle) is a citrus species with a globose fruit, 2.5-5 cm in diameter (1-2 in), that is yellow when ripe but usually picked green commercially. It is smaller, seedier, has a higher acidity, a stronger aroma, and a thinner rind than that of the Persian lime (Citrus x latifolia).

Whatev. Basta, kain lang ng kain!


Joko and I are trying to straighten out our bunny family tree. According to our last convo, I have two bunnykids. Joko and Kwe. Joko’s dad is a Latino bunny who was cursed to become a Himalayan Yeti when he broke my heart. Haha. Kwe’s dad is a Chinese bunny who was also cursed when he broke my heart. He became the Sleeping Dragon. (He looks like more of a dimsum to me.) Because of the consecutive heartbreaks, I decided to find myself first and work in a call center hahaha. I left my 2 bunnybebes to my panda friends in the Bamboo Forest. Hence, they call Carla and Mike, Mommy Panda and Daddy Panda. :p Kwe calls me Mommy Bunny. Joko calls me Lola Bunny because she is a tad disrespectful child and Lola is my bunny name.

We have a unicorn friend named Miki.


Haha. The yellow bunny is Kwe. The blue one is Joko. Pic taken in Greyone, where Unicorn Miki can be found.


Random Sergi sighting. I love this pic. I look mabait here. And I lovelove my surfgirl shirt c/o my co-surfer LLB Carla. Hehehe.


Mmm hmmm. That’s all, folks.


listening to: The Veronicas – Hook Me Up

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