Hello, Universe?

Just got home from a dinner meeting in Fish Out of Water/CBTL with the girls (plus Sander). Meeting? Yes, meeting. Business meeting. Na-promote na kami sa ganyan from boytalk showbiztalk and other girly gossips. Serious na kami! Prayer + Work + Virtue + Science + Cheerleading !!! San ka pa?

There’s this business venture that Joko is spearheading that I desperately want to be part of. I think it was her serious mode that convinced me. Or must be her green headband. Ewan ko lang. Fukk, I’m not making sense. Ah basta. I wannawannawanna join. But for that to happen, I need something close to a miracle that will give me a semi-huge amount of money.

Universe, give me a miracle.


listening to: Beyonce – Halo

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  1. Carlo O

     /  April 28, 2009

    the universe says yes.

  2. i agree, its the green mind este green headband!

  3. Yo

     /  April 29, 2009

    Universe WILL give you a miracle.=)


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