I’m on emergency leave today because I have to go back to my former dwelling place to accompany Maf to get her remaining things. Then, we have to go to the police station for her to report/itemize her stolen stuff.

Then I might drop by Trilogy for the opening and say hi-hi-hello-hello to Miki.

Then I have to go to Greenbelt/Glo to get a gift for Jap. It’s her st birthday today, will be posting an entry tonight.

Then then then I have to watch TERMINATOR SALVATION.

So little time, so much to do.

Late kasi ako nagising. LOL.

God is awesome, indeed.

The past few have been hell and heaven.

Something happened to me that made me question the universe WHY ME? WHY THE FUCK ME? The universe answered in ways that I still couldn’t comprehend but all I can say is in a span of three days, I found out who my real friends and FAMILY are.

I owe a lot to these people. They are the reason why I am still sane, functioning and fighting for dear life.

To the person who caused me hell, I hope you get what you deserve. May justice be served. May the universe put you where you belong– behind bars or in a mental hospital.


Much love and gratitude to the following:

My cousins (well, 5 of them)
Joko (and her family)
Tita Marilyn
My neighbors
Joko’s driver (Kuya Jun?)
Guadalupe Parish
Ayala Homes security guards
Ayala Homes homeowners assoc officers
The Mandaluyong Police Department esp SPO2 Lamsin

Thank you so much!


listening to: PCD – Jai Ho

No boom. No pow. No pow.

A lot happened in the past few days but I’m still not feeling the whoa.

I don’t know this is just a swing from the antibiotics I took last week because of my toncilitis. I have a bad history involving antibiotics and hormones. Can you say deranged? Lately, I’m either cranky or sad. I try to joke around so as to not piss the people around me. I don’t want them to feel the weight of my heavy albeit virtually unknown cross.

Didn’t really help when I saw another photo of HIM online. Three of my closests are getting married soon and it sucks that their lives are moving so fast whereas mine seems to be slowly, wandering aimlessly.

Oh well. Good thing I’m pretty going around in circles.

Lookie, here are some pics taken in Joko’s pad after the David Archuleta- David Cook concert.



I’m going to The Fort later for Jap’s 31st bday dindin. May I acquire a certain level of whoaness there. I’m getting really tired of pendulum swings from boredom to pain.

Antibiotics talking.

Excuse me while I get a life.


listening to: some unknown music from Geoff’s colection

Another Happy Friday (except for my cut line, weh!)

Friday the 15th.

My line got cut for the first time in 1 1/2 years. Tsk tsk. First time to go beyond the company credit limit. Tsk tsk. One long word to summarize my take on this situation. Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn.

Weh, so what. After work,  I watched Angels & Demons (yeaaaahhhh!!!) with Joko, Kas (and Piglet, the toy), Kwe and CJ. I bought a really cool (and inexpensive) vest and 4 cute headbands. I drank and smoke (not too much, I’m still semi-sick) and ate loads of junk food.

And I found out I’m going to watch David Cook and David Archuleta in MOA tomorrow (errr… laterrr!)

And might watch the Pussycat Dolls on June.


Hah! I’m still bound to have sweet dreams! Hah! Goodnight, world!


listening to: The soft buzz of Tanduay and Fit n Right in my head

SL Day

I’m on sick leave today because of toncilitis, fever and pms.

Fukken sucks. Hope everything will be better tomorrow. Angels & Demons + really yummy dinner.

Here’s to hoping!

Errrrr wait, watched Confessions of a Shopaholic earlier. Everything and everybody sucked except Hugh Dancy aka Luke Brandon. (And in Ella Enchanted, Prince Charmont!)

CTC-4441-image3 506x316_hugh


listening to: Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino

From Mutant to Shopaholic to Toni and Sam to Oscar Winner

I haven’t seen Wolverine yet. Booooo! Probably because I ditched a certain invite (uhhh date?) to watch it in Greenbelt. My debede has been lying around for 3 weeks and each time I try to watch it, the most unawesome thing happens. Brownout, OT, and or downright fatigue.

Yesterday, I told myself that I will go home early Tuesday night to watch it once and for all. BUT by the time I was on my way home, I realized my brain couldn’t take anything serious, so I thought it would be best if I just watch something funny. Because I just finished my Confessions of A Shopaholic ebook, I decided, it will be my movie for ze night.

I bought a pirated copy from this balyena looking vendor in Boni and went home. I hurriedly finished dinner because I couldn’t wait to see Rebecca and Suze. I didn’t even bother having an after-dinner ciggie break. I popped the dic in the player and waited for the options to appear.

La la la…

Hmmm, weird. That lady on the screen doesn’t look like Isla Fischer. And that boy beside her doesn’t look like any guy described in the book! Waiiiittt, waaaaiiiiitttt, waaaaiiiiittt. Whoa-lee fugg! I’ve been duped by the babaeng balyena!

That’s not Confessions of A Shopaholic! That’s You Got Me! And that’s Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby!

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh! I swear I’m going to whack that fat lady using the debede strapped on a shovel!

Totally ruined my night! Hehe, fine, mea culpa I didn’t check the disc first. And bleh on me for supporting piracy.

Imagine… from Wolverine to Confessions to You Got Me.

Oh well, to not disappoint my cousin who was also excited to watch Confessions, we watched Slumdog Millionaire. My third time to watch it, actually. Good thing I really like it, except the poopoo scene.

I will watch Wolverine tomorrow. Right after iskandaluhin ko si babeng balyena.



listening to: Lily Allen – Fuck You

Past Few


I am not in the mood to blog about the LU trip anymore. Basta, it was fun, but the first trip was still more awesome.

My closest cousin is getting married.

I have a job analysis training later at 6am.

I re-read The Secret.

I went to a Food Tasting / Playboy May Issue Launch last Friday night. Nitropopcorn is the shiii! (Don’t say shit when talking about food. LOL.

Batang BF night last Saturday. Java Man and Tavern with Jap, Donnie, Colleen, Carlo and Cindy.

After 1yr and 4mos, I saw JA again.

Couldn’t be in Bataan so I just called my Mom to greet her Happy Mother’s Day.

Uhhh, gotta sleep now. Will try to blog about pics tonight when I get home from the training.


I have a new favorite line…



listening to: Rhett Miller – Come Around

Carla and I should buy rashguards.


Poser kung poser. Hahaha.

Got back from the La Union surftrip last Sunday night with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Kassy, Frey, Tamille, Christian, Richard, Ryan, Marie, Kuya Brother Lo, Baby Brother Lo and Girlfriend Lo. Lahat sila nag-surf. Kami ni Carla, as usual plato ang sinurf.


It was fun! I wanna go to the beach again! Real, Quezon? Tara!

Will blog about the LU trip as soon as I am not so busy anymore. Ugh, realities of the metro. Bleh. Take me back to the beach!



listening to: LU Girls – Come, Fighting Spirit

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