Carla and I should buy rashguards.


Poser kung poser. Hahaha.

Got back from the La Union surftrip last Sunday night with Joko, Carla, Kwe, Kassy, Frey, Tamille, Christian, Richard, Ryan, Marie, Kuya Brother Lo, Baby Brother Lo and Girlfriend Lo. Lahat sila nag-surf. Kami ni Carla, as usual plato ang sinurf.


It was fun! I wanna go to the beach again! Real, Quezon? Tara!

Will blog about the LU trip as soon as I am not so busy anymore. Ugh, realities of the metro. Bleh. Take me back to the beach!



listening to: LU Girls – Come, Fighting Spirit

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  1. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA PUCHA lakas ng halakhak ko sa “listening to: LU GIRLS- Come, Fighting Spirit”

    You should get a BRIGHT YELLOW rashies!! Team NEON c’mon!

  2. OMG! I was there last weekend, too! 😀

  3. kas: haha pa-customize kaya kami? hha as if kami ang tunay na surfers eh noh

    tara: talaga? where in LU?

  4. kassy

     /  May 10, 2009

    iya: why not coconut! joko and i know someone who can customize rashies!! 😉

    talked to Pao already re: May 23 🙂 Set!

  5. Dear, same resort. This was in San Juan Surf Resort, yes? 😀

  6. yes! 🙂 sayang sana nagmeet tayo dun!

  7. Sayang! 😦

  8. carla

     /  November 28, 2010

    I miss LU. Sinigang and Chicharon bulaklak! FTW!


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