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I am not in the mood to blog about the LU trip anymore. Basta, it was fun, but the first trip was still more awesome.

My closest cousin is getting married.

I have a job analysis training later at 6am.

I re-read The Secret.

I went to a Food Tasting / Playboy May Issue Launch last Friday night. Nitropopcorn is the shiii! (Don’t say shit when talking about food. LOL.

Batang BF night last Saturday. Java Man and Tavern with Jap, Donnie, Colleen, Carlo and Cindy.

After 1yr and 4mos, I saw JA again.

Couldn’t be in Bataan so I just called my Mom to greet her Happy Mother’s Day.

Uhhh, gotta sleep now. Will try to blog about pics tonight when I get home from the training.


I have a new favorite line…



listening to: Rhett Miller – Come Around

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  1. hugs. things are going to be really different once the closest cousin is married, has tied the knot and well, yeah. some things has to change – hagulgol to the max ako ng ilang linggo when my closest cousin was going, is going to, now is married.

    at nakakahiya , please don’t let it happen na you’ll be caught on camera CRYING crazy; it’ll be epic legendarily stay there forevah! :))



  2. Watch these: I really really really really really cried. 😑

    and having to watch these again, makes me cry. I miss my cousin. 😑 at nagdrama na ko dito. HAHAHAHAHAH! πŸ™‚ okay, that’s it pansit. πŸ™‚ hug hug hug hug hug hug. see you.

  3. hindi na ako masyado affeted sa ikakasal si ate bec eh.

    tulala and a half pa ako ngayon for having seen/talked to JA again. haha.

    oh well. next time na ito pag-usapan!

  4. having seen/talked to JA again? anong kwento – cheesy ba o spicy? See youuu! πŸ™‚


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