No boom. No pow. No pow.

A lot happened in the past few days but I’m still not feeling the whoa.

I don’t know this is just a swing from the antibiotics I took last week because of my toncilitis. I have a bad history involving antibiotics and hormones. Can you say deranged? Lately, I’m either cranky or sad. I try to joke around so as to not piss the people around me. I don’t want them to feel the weight of my heavy albeit virtually unknown cross.

Didn’t really help when I saw another photo of HIM online. Three of my closests are getting married soon and it sucks that their lives are moving so fast whereas mine seems to be slowly, wandering aimlessly.

Oh well. Good thing I’m pretty going around in circles.

Lookie, here are some pics taken in Joko’s pad after the David Archuleta- David Cook concert.



I’m going to The Fort later for Jap’s 31st bday dindin. May I acquire a certain level of whoaness there. I’m getting really tired of pendulum swings from boredom to pain.

Antibiotics talking.

Excuse me while I get a life.


listening to: some unknown music from Geoff’s colection

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