There are no words.



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Protected: Like Colleen’s summer emotional fling.

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Whatever, Lola.


I just want to share one of my favorite shots from Ate Bec and Mike’s wedding last June 8. So, that’s Ate Bel and me teaching Lola Ulay to do the W sign.

Low-lah, we love you so much. You are tres cool.


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Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.

Happy? Lutang? Both?

Thank God for this weekend. Lots of sleeping, eating, kissing, and singing. Merrymaking and chill! Love it!

Monday na naman bukas. Pero wala na tayo magagawa diyan. Pagkatapos talaga ng Sunday ay Monday. I have to survive the coming weekdays to see another glorious weekend.

Float or soar to Saturday? Whatev. I just want to get there.


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Protected: Bitin.

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You can run,

you can hide

but you can’t escape my love.

Sabi nga ni Enrique. Pero wala. Wala itong relevance sa buhay ko, hahaha. Naka-repeat mode lang ‘yang kanta. :p Kung may theme song ako ngayon, ‘yung may  When I grow up, i wanna be famous. I wanna be a star… Be careful what you wish for, coz you just might get it…


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Weekend Realizations 06.13-14.09

My motto in life: party hard, work harder.

If God is a dj, life is a dancefloor, love is a rhythm, I am the music, you are the bouncer.


Walang pinipiling oras ang pagkain ng bacon.


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Pahabol to the last entry

I got to attend the Pussycat Dolls concert for free last Thursday. Thank you, universe. Thank you, Red.

No thanks to you, robberbitch. F you for stealing Bruce. It’s your fault I don’t have souvenir pics of the PCD dominating Manila.


Anyway, go Nicole! Ü I love you, Ashley!


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The universe has been very quick in giving back the things that was stolen from me last May 22.

Three weeks ago (2 days after the robbery)
I moved to a better home with fast internet connection, good quality cable, loads of food, and with people I love and love me back.

Two weeks ago
I found out that I’ve been hailed one of the top performers of our department — again. =`)
I received a performance bonus thrice bigger than what I expected.

Three days ago
I got promoted. Finally.

I was promised to be given an iPhone in August. Wow, sana August na bukas! =p

I feel so lucky. I feel so happy.

To the monster who attempted to take away my happiness by taking first my laptop, cameras, jewelry etc, I hope you get what the universe wants you to get.

I’m not sure what that is, but I have several ideas.

I sure am lucky and happy that I am NOT you.


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