TGIF? Weh.

I badly need to rest. I only had 10 hours of sleep. Yeah, 12 hours accumulated sleep from Monday to Thursday. Hehe. I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight, but there’s an imperative social call I need to attend to. Plus I miss my girls.

Saturday, I’m going to Bataan for the “paghaharap” with the relatives. If hell has to break loose, then I hope it won’t take more than that day because I have to be in the best of moods for Sunday and Monday. It’s my little cousin Sara’s christening, then Ate Bec’s wedding. And of course, i need loads of energy for bonding sessions with my relatives vacationing here from the US.

I’m only on leave for one day and Tuesday, I gotta go to work. It’s LLB’s birthday on the 10th and I still don’t know her exact plans. Then, Pussycat Dolls concert on theĀ  11th. then work again on the 12th.

Hmmm, ergo, my next day of rest is June 13.

Seems so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away. can’t wait to say TGINS!

Haha Next Saturday. :p


listening to: Craig David – Insomnia

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