I want a lot of things

and an iPhone is on top of my long, long list.


I know I said a couple of months ago that I don’t think I can maintain one, but with the recent twisted events, it’s the best thing I can have right now. Or until I can save up for one.

Well, and iPhone, or a Samsung Omnia.


Or just give me back my laptop and cameras, you thief!



listening to: still, the sound of the blasted rain

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  1. ledi

     /  June 7, 2009


    umm… mag samsung omnia ka na lang. pinagpipilian ko din before yan iphone or omnia pero nanalo si omnia. di kasi expandable yung iphone and ok sa omnia windows mobile sya. check mo to. http://kimstore.multiply.com dito ko bumili ng omnia. ang mura ng gadgets nya. she has a store sa st. francis square. if you’re gonna buy samahan kita. wag ka bibili sa mall. bwiset. taas pa din ng price nila.

  2. I suggest that you wait for iPhone 3GS. I did a side by side comparison with Palm Pre and panalo pa din ang bagong iPhone. 🙂

  3. ledi! thanks sa info!

    vikki: samsung omnia, happy na ako. but yeah, iphone 3gs! wheee! shet ang mahal. hehe


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