Whatever, Lola.


I just want to share one of my favorite shots from Ate Bec and Mike’s wedding last June 8. So, that’s Ate Bel and me teaching Lola Ulay to do the W sign.

Low-lah, we love you so much. You are tres cool.


listening to: EWF – Do You Remember


Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.

Happy? Lutang? Both?

Thank God for this weekend. Lots of sleeping, eating, kissing, and singing. Merrymaking and chill! Love it!

Monday na naman bukas. Pero wala na tayo magagawa diyan. Pagkatapos talaga ng Sunday ay Monday. I have to survive the coming weekdays to see another glorious weekend.

Float or soar to Saturday? Whatev. I just want to get there.


listening to: Stephen Bishop – On and On

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