Induced blogging. Updates of the past few.

It’s almost 2am but I refuse to sleep without blogging my past few in a nutshell. No reason to procrastinate after taking several sips of Jap’s industrial-strength coffee.

* Work. Wes, work. Work is work and work is fun albeit the countless times that I want to pull hair off my scalp because of shifting sched, delay in event permits and reports I have to generate. My new position is awesome. I’m learning a lot. I feel oh-so productive. I love my boss and I love my team. Woohoo! But I swear, if our contacts for one of our major off-site recruitment activities still don’t deliver tomorrow, I am going to scream.

* Familia. Saw Mama and Daddy last weekend. I only stayed in Bataan for 24 hours. And I must have gained 5lbs during that short span of time. yuuuum inihaw na bangus and eggplant. Yuuuum sinigang na baboy with tamarind flowers. Yuuuum paksiw with ampalaya. Yuuuum lagulo and dilis! got to hang out with my cousins Ate Bel, Mary Ann, Mafi, Angelo and Ron.


* Second familia. Life gets better here at Jap’s. Tita Marilyn’s so funny especially when she tries to crack old school jokes like, Ano ang city? Eh di yung sinundan ng utsu! Lol. Cibo the kitten is becoming more playful and much as I hate to admit it, I’m beginning to like cats. And CSI, too. I watched 2 episodes with Jap and I actually enjoyed. Fun naman pala.

* Go-Go Friends. Joko’s birthday is just around the corner. Carla’ s wedding is on the next corner. I Miki already resigned from Grey One and writing poetry. Kassy posted a comment in my FB that I immediately deleted upon seeing. I didn’t get to see a drunk Kwe last saturday in Mia’s birthday party in Emba because I was in the province. I miss my girls. can’t wait to see them this Sunday for the next fitting. Banapple again? 🙂 Ahem, ahem… and please Barcino veryvery soon!

* Bene Kada. I see Donnie almost every dayin the office. It’s his 2nd week of PST already. Saw Eunice in Glorietta last Fri. Ang kulit ni abadi-abadi. I get to text with Mommy Colleen every now and then. Oh here’s a picture of last last week’s impromptu dindin with her and longlost friend Brian.


* Social life. Uhhhmmm… I got to go to BF last, last Saturday. Went to Al’s Bar, Tapsi Plus and Tavern Asia. Saw people I haven’t seen for a loooong time. Ian Tayao, Montycutiepiepiepie, Cedric of Ursa Minor, Dinggoy, JA, Jay, and Paolo (well technically…) Oh, and Cindy, too! Weh, of course! Hehe.

* Him and Him. Ay nako. Sakit sa ulo. They’re both liars in different levels. And I guess I’m just lying to myself each time I do some intrinsic-peptalk that they will ever change. Come to me, positive energy.

Errr, it’s 2am now. I gotta sleep. Good to unload some boring details of my boring life.

Good night and good morning.


listening to: John Mayer – Say

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  1. hehe, ayos yan at nakakapag unwind ka. taga bataan ka pala. taga dyan ang special ko. yay. med rep siya dyan. isa pang yay.

    joke lang lahat ng yun. yay.

    hindi ko pa naririnig yang kanta ni john mayer na say. o baka narinig ko na! yay.

    dami kong yay.

  2. see you soon.
    yikes about the sudden comment, i saw naman that it was screened but err.. not or was it?

    Friday! Mia’s going to host also for the MJ night at eastwood 🙂 also Manor if ever for party!party!disco!disco! 🙂 we might (perhaps) overnight at Antel, mmm… coming? I hope.

    See you Saturday! ❤

  3. ax: yayyy san sa bataan? yaaayy!!! haha

    kas: friday? sounds good! ahm, dude, naka-tag sya dun sa photo eh kaya shempre manonotify sya. haha.


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