Sustaining discipline

It’s 5S time in the office again. I filed hundreds of forms and shredded countless of other forms. I made sure the supplies are in a place I can easily access. I itemized the premium items. I was absofuckinlutely sure that I am going to pass the 5S check. But seemed like I didn’t! Apparently, my space should be in paragon excellence to a Japanese factory worker.

Will my mirror affect my productivity? Does my desk calendar have powers to transform me into a lazyass sloth? Is the arrangement of my work collaterals and personal belongings in my work station directly proportional to my competence? I am totally for order, cleanliness and presentability of my work station. In fact, I am borderline OC when it comes to my personal space. I just don’t get the logic of this standardized housekeeping of the Japanese. My brain stopped at sushi and Astroboy. Oh well.

More filing! More shredding!


And then repeat first 5 words.







listening to: Katy Perry and LMFAO – Hot and Cold

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  1. I agree! I hide whenever they do 5S stuff at work, too. 🙂

  2. =D You are not alone, I also didn’t pass the random, after office surveys. Katy Perry’s Hot & Cold adds to the mood! =p

  3. teeyah: final checking this weekend, i think. woot! i hope i pass. i cleaned and organized it well and even offered prayers to the cleanliness gods. lol.

    dang: hi dang! thanks for the visit. oooh1 listen to hot n cold lmfao mix. dance dance dance! dance while cleaning the goddamn workpost. bleh! :p

  4. I still haven’t passed the 5S thing at the office. I think they’ve given up on it altogether. 😀


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