Fill up my cup. Mazel tov!

I had a feeling that last night was gonna be a good night… hehe. It was bv-detoxifying! Well, except for the 5-sec epi with the ex (lover. lmfao!) and the morning after hate-text from some pussy who doesn’t know what trust means. But weh, last night was fab. Thanks to the friends and red wine and imported beers.


Grunge Night @ Al’s Bar


with Cedric of Loch Ness (didn’t get to wait for their set, sorry Ced!)


college kada get together @ Tavern Asia (happy birthday to Arthur! sana naging maligaya ka sa dagat! hehe)


I like this pic kahit na nakapikit ako. LOL.


bugnot sa paghihintay sa wala… putanginang buhay ‘to o.


so, picture-picture na lang.


after Tav, Kiw and I went to LAX to see Pao (nagspin si Mr. Banez) and we went to Distellery Jupiter NOT Fort, haha epic fail move


me with Kiwi and Guiness in the fg :p Tim Yap (who was really gwapo last night gotta admit) in the bg


with mia boo! dj! dj! comedy cartel soon! funclub! wOot!


HOE daw o. haha. thumbs up!


exactly 2 mos ago, he wrecked his car. and i… i let someone wreck my life. lol. i’m made of cheese. haha.

I wanna keep this feeling of knowing I went out and smashed it like oh my god.

Haha, no more buzzkill.


listening to: Sean Kingston (errr yeah, sorry!) – Fire Burning

Boys Boys Boys (We love them!)

men-holding-hands-1My guy friends from the office made us laugh non-stop today because of their M2M actions, e.g. “Pare, kumusta? Pa-beso naman,” and dozens of Fredo jokes, e.g. “Pare, bakit nakangiti ka?” “Binanatan ako ni Fredo kagabi eh.”

Errrmmm… Fredo is their imaginary boyfriend.

Bogart is dead.

Fredo rocks!

“I love you, boy, kung alam mo lang…” is still on repeat mode in my head.



listening to: Lady GaGa – Boys Boys Boys

Good Girls Go Bad


IMG0292A IMG0284A IMG0337A


Dear YOU,

For you.

Your fault.



listening to: Cobra Starship – Good Girls Go Bad

Move Shake Drop

I’ve been physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausted lately. Move move, shake shake, and last night was the drop drop.

It’s another Monday tomorrow. Shuffle shuffle… move move.

I know why I’m doing this, so I should deal with any how.

Leave it to me to go existential after a Flo Rida song.


Enjoy the brand new week!


listening to: Flo Rida – Move Shake Drop


Pinagtawanan ako ng pinsan ng highschool besty ko. Mataas daw standards ko. Sabi ko naman, “Ano’ng mataas sa tall, dark and handsome? Fine. Tall, presentable and articulate ok na!”

Sabi ba naman, “Articulate? You mean, bolero.”

Take note. Period and end ng sentence. Hindi question mark.

Articulate sabi eh. Pero sige, aminin nating mga girls (and mga boys rin naman at times) kahit alam nating bola, kinikilig tayo. Part talaga ng human psyche na gusto nating nabubutter-up ang ego natin. At talagang nagmarunong pa ako ng slight. Psyche-psyche pa akong nalalaman.

Ok lang na bolero basta articulate.

Isipin mo naman kung bolahin ka tapos saksakan ng bobo ang syntax, semantics at kung anik-anik pa ng grammar.

Isipin mo kung mahiritan ka ng, “I like you beycause I teenk your seyxeh and easy to go along wit.”

Putakte. Dun ka na lang sa articulate na bolero, di’ba?

Basta ako, dun na ako.


listening to: a replay of his string of pambobolas in my mind *kilig*

Ang Sumuko… Ang Matalo…

Nai-stress ako, kaya tinatapatan ko na lang ng mind-conditioning at chocolates.

So far, nagagawa ko naman maging active, proactive and energetic like a battery operated bunny (no porn pun, mind you). Hala sige. Go lang ng go! Go for gold!

Pero hanggang kelan tatagal ang epekto sa akin ng cholicates ko? Hanggang kelan kakayanin ng napapagod kong utak ang positive thinking?

Dapat matagal. Kelangang tumagal. Walang angal. Pwera hingal.

Ang sumuko, talo.

Ang matalo, panget.


listening to: Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila

Cebu 2k9

My first intention was to flood my trip to Cebu entry with photos, but I figured most of the people that care about it can see the pics in my Facebook and (soon) in my Multiply anyway.

With that, let me just share the most significant moments in the Queen City of The South immortalized in digiphotos. Three per day!

Day 1 / August 6 / Thursday


I experienced my very first plane ride. I shit you not. Yaaay! Loved it– especially the take off– except the pain in my ears! Props to Joko for being by my side even if she placed me nearest the emergency exit. Hence, the prayer “Dear God, please help me because I need to help others as well. Amen.”


Day 1 was historical pasyal day. Places visited: Magellan Shrine, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, Fort Santiago, Basilica Minore de Santo Niño etc etc. I’m sharing this pic from Alegre Guitars just because I think it’s o for owww-some! Thanks to Mikiboo and her owww-some skills and cam!


My trip would not be complete without a gimik night! Went to Vudu (as recommended by at least 5 people from my FB contacts). It was Band Night. Pandora was great. Kickass vocalist (ex-vox of Cueshe). Yaaaay for Mr. Brightside and Katy Perry songs! Another small world incident. Met three guys from the south. Not south as in Cebu– ALABANG. Sphere of existence. Hello TJ, Paco and Gelo!

Day 2 / August 7 / Friday


Despite my six-hour sleep, I woke up at 10ish for my first Casa Escano breakfast. Daing na bangus, fried egg, garlic rice, achara, sikwate, banana-walnut waffle, cinnamon french toast and hash browns. Sino ba naman ang hindi gigising para d’yan?


I went back to bed after my big breakfast and woke up at around 5pm to go to Waterfront. For what? Dinner! Say what? Oo, na. Dinner. Gumigising lang ako para kumain. I was that sleepy and I am this takaw. Yum-yum-yummy dinner c/o Kasuy who celebrated her 25th birthday with lots of red meat, good friends and dozens of pictures.


Margaritas before going to bed! When we wake up, we will be wearing dresses the same color as our margaritas… So excited for Carla and Mike… 🙂

Day 3 / August 8 / Saturday


Daddy Panda and Mommy Panda are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Manaloto! Their wedding’s the most beautiful I’ve ever gone to. Love was all around. I felt it in my fingers and I felt it in my tores. LOL. I would like to have that kind of wedding someday. Someday, like tomorrow.


Vistamar with 1/3 of the entourage in the afternoon. Surreal looking at Carla and Mike knowing they’re already husband and wife. Nakanang…. ang galing! *apir pandas!* Anyhoots, one good reason to go back to Cebu: beachbumming!!! We were too tired and too late to enjoy Mactan. We lounged by the pool instead…


and ate a lot! Wooooot for the 50% off! Yaaaaayyyy sinigang and chicken chicharon and eggplant-mango salad! And free ice cream c/o Kassy’s sugod-kusina moment. Hahaha. Fun times with great friends and great food.

Day 4 / August 9 / Sunday


Joks and I woke up early to have breakfast (huhuhuhu last Escano breakfast) and to go to Tabo-an. Wheee! Danggit! Longanisa! Dried Pusit! Otaaaaaapppp! Amoy danggit pa rin ako pagbalik namin sa Casa Escano. Good thing we listened to the Cebuanos not to take a bath before going there. :p


Lunch @ Mike’s (we love Casa Manaloto!!!) then Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills before going to Crown Regency for the Skywalk and Edge Coaster. Nope, I didn’t brave the heights. Pwede ba, sa elevator pa nga lang, I was freaking out na. Hehe.


Had dinner at Mike’s after the thrill of heights. Nasabi ko na ba na we love Casa Manaloto? Hehe. After a fast and furious dinner, we headed to the airport and bid Cebu farewell. Sorry hindi ko natutuhan what’s bye-bye in Cebuano. No worries, aalamin ko ‘yan when I go back.

I am most def going back to Cebu!

Hoy Lechon, magtutuos pa tayo uli!!!


listening to: Lady Gaga – Eh Eh

Beautiful Dirty Rich


The girls and I had zero plans to go to the Lady Gaga concert but Joko, Kas and I immediately changed our minds when we were offered the discounted Upper Box A tickets yesterday afternoon. It was one of those damn if you don’t moments.

No regrets about last night even if I had to (1) re-experience the MRT rush hour, (2) call the wrong Carlo to get our tix, and (3)wait for Joko past an hour because a certain Gateway guard don’t know shit about valet parking.

We got inside Araneta around 8:30 midway the front act. The coliseum was packed. Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, elite, middle class, celebrities and borderline orcs! Everybody was excited to bask in the sheer awesome madness (or mad awesomeness) of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Thank you, Wikipedia.) I guess half of the crowd are fans and the other half (where I used to belong) are those intrigued by this new technopoprock goddess. It’s my first time to see her perform, because seeing the Paparazzi video (which is absofuckinlutely genius in various levels) and 1/30 of the Poker Face vid doesn’t count.

The concert was fantastic from start to finish. I didn’t expect she’d start with Paparazzi, because usually the new ones are saved for the end. She even followed it with another recent single, Love Game. She ended with Poker Face, from piano to dance version. She changed my gender preference the moment she told the crowd, “Somebody asked me, ‘Lady Gaga, do you have a dick? I said, ‘Yes, I do and it’s bigger than yours.’ and got up the piano chair, bopped like a pornstar while singing her hitsong. Hehe. I’m so consistent with my thing for blondes. LOL.

Of course, you should know that I’m just being gaga.

Pun aside, I’m happyelatedjoyfulglad that I went to her concert. I am now officially her fan. I have a new Madonna.

I will tweet her like crazy.


cdocumentsandsettingscdLady Gaga Live in Manila Playlist

1 Paparazzi
2 Love Game
3 Beautiful Dirty rich
4 The Fame
5 Money Honey
6 Boys Boys Boys
7 Just Dance
8 Eh Eh
9 Brown Eyes
10 Poker Face


listening to: Lady Gaga – The Fame


Two more hours and I’m going to go gaga!

Wooohoo!  Lady Gaga concert! Come on!!!!!


listening to: Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

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