First 24++ hours in Cebu…

Arrived in Mactan very early morning
Yes!!!!!!! Hindi ako inatake sa puso sa aking first ever plane ride
In fact, na-enjoy ko especially the take off hehe
Perfect weather here!
Ate in Sinangag something… walang panlaban SEx doon
First half of pamamasyal sa mga historical sites
Lunch @ the Manaloto’s… wooot! Lechon! Callos!
Casa Escano bed and breakfast
Second half of historical gallivanting
Dinner @ the Manaloto’s (hahaha mga PG) … wooot! Karekare! Bam-i!
Drinking @ NCR something something
More drinking in VUDU… small world… Exhibit A- TJ Pamintuan
Back to Escano

i just finished my big ass breakfast. Garlic rice, 2 sunny side ups, boneless bangus, hashbrown, cinnanom french toast, banana walnut waffle and sikwate!

Smoking my lungs out now… will take a nap again then head to a spa or Waterfront. And go to Tops and Gorordo (putakte, hindi ko maalala tawag) I think.

Tomorrow’s the big day. I’m so excited for Carla and Mike! Morning wedding, lunch reception… beach party at night! Yaaaayyy!!!

Cebu, I can get used to you.

Oh and… happy birthday, Kasuy! Happy 25th! 🙂


listening to: some jazzy music from Don Merto’s Deli

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  1. Yo

     /  August 7, 2009

    glad you’re having. upload pics dali!=)

  2. glad you’re having fun. upload pics dali!=)

  3. really? its your first plane ride.. so how did that go?

  4. dude, nakalimutan mo ang YMCA! haha!

  5. yo: nasa facebook na :p

    maia: fantastic but my ears almost bled. haha

    joko: that deserves a seperate post. :p just waiting for the pic. hehe


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