Beautiful Dirty Rich


The girls and I had zero plans to go to the Lady Gaga concert but Joko, Kas and I immediately changed our minds when we were offered the discounted Upper Box A tickets yesterday afternoon. It was one of those damn if you don’t moments.

No regrets about last night even if I had to (1) re-experience the MRT rush hour, (2) call the wrong Carlo to get our tix, and (3)wait for Joko past an hour because a certain Gateway guard don’t know shit about valet parking.

We got inside Araneta around 8:30 midway the front act. The coliseum was packed. Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, elite, middle class, celebrities and borderline orcs! Everybody was excited to bask in the sheer awesome madness (or mad awesomeness) of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Thank you, Wikipedia.) I guess half of the crowd are fans and the other half (where I used to belong) are those intrigued by this new technopoprock goddess. It’s my first time to see her perform, because seeing the Paparazzi video (which is absofuckinlutely genius in various levels) and 1/30 of the Poker Face vid doesn’t count.

The concert was fantastic from start to finish. I didn’t expect she’d start with Paparazzi, because usually the new ones are saved for the end. She even followed it with another recent single, Love Game. She ended with Poker Face, from piano to dance version. She changed my gender preference the moment she told the crowd, “Somebody asked me, ‘Lady Gaga, do you have a dick? I said, ‘Yes, I do and it’s bigger than yours.’ and got up the piano chair, bopped like a pornstar while singing her hitsong. Hehe. I’m so consistent with my thing for blondes. LOL.

Of course, you should know that I’m just being gaga.

Pun aside, I’m happyelatedjoyfulglad that I went to her concert. I am now officially her fan. I have a new Madonna.

I will tweet her like crazy.


cdocumentsandsettingscdLady Gaga Live in Manila Playlist

1 Paparazzi
2 Love Game
3 Beautiful Dirty rich
4 The Fame
5 Money Honey
6 Boys Boys Boys
7 Just Dance
8 Eh Eh
9 Brown Eyes
10 Poker Face


listening to: Lady Gaga – The Fame

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  1. I’m in deep regret that I did not go to watch. That’s me being an uliran na empleyado. I ❤ Lady Gaga!!!! waaahhh!!

  2. ganen? sayang!!!!!! trabaho talaga. panira ng social life. LOL! but then again, walang pang-social life pag walang trabaho. and with that, sana magbalik dito si lady gaga para makanood ka na. 🙂

  3. Boys, boys, boys!


    yun ang pinakaenjoy na part ko evahr!! hahaha!

  4. hahaha yun ba talaga? hindi brown eyes? :p

    ako, humahataw sya ng drumstick. :p mukha syang gaga talaga.

  5. Korek! 😀 Sana lang talaga hindi pa sya Madame Gaga by then!!! I am still in regret. 😦 Inggit!

  6. Soooooo inggit as well…been saving up for a trip in a few weeks kasi, too bad =,(

  7. grabe. inggit ako! ang galing siguro niya. I wish I were as lucky as you.

  8. I want her butt!! her legs!! and her flexing herself.. that 23 year old technopopstar is making me think – damn, she can beat the drum and spread herself in rage!! I’d want that! HAHAHA!

  9. She was in Singapore, and I missed her. 😦

  10. sayang sayang! hope you guys catch her next time! i want to go to another lady gaga concert! or be lady gaga! hehe

  1. Bye, 2K9! « psychosomaticaddictinsane

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