Napag-alaman ko na yung surfers’ party na dapat pinuntahan ko kagabi pero hindi ko napuntahan dahil nakatulog ako ay…

pinuntahan ni Jericho Rosales.

Bwiset talaga. Kung alam ko lang na sureball na nandun siya, eh di sana lumaklak ako ng isang balde ng Red Bull, kahit pa Cobra o Sting para lang alive alive ako.


Gusto ko siyang ma-meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was supposed to text Eunice earlier this question, “Do you think he and I really have a chance in being together? No bs, love each other til it hurts kind of together?”

I wanted to ask her because in our circle she is the only person who I think, sincerely believes that he and I have a future in an exclusive romatic relationship. I wanted to know why.

I’m not considering it, just curious.

See, I’ve always loved him. It’s not the kind of love I feel for another friend. BUT it’s not the kind of love I have given Gio or gave JA. YET I did tell him eons ago that there was a point I was almost in love with him.

I know he loves me, too. What kind of love, I don’t know. I’m not sure. BUT my best guess is he loves me as a friend as much as he loves what benefits go along with the friendship.

But oh well. So much for curiosity.

No answer can pacify my disappointment now.

No one can explain where this disappointment is from.

He’s in love again.


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It’s busy-busyhan time once more.


Oh well. Too little time so much to do.



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Protected: Last night I realized that YOU are indeed very selfish,

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Kitchen again! Had dindin with Yo. Ribbit and sundried tomato pasta. Yum-oh!

Ze besty and I did loads of catching up, didn’t even get to cover 1/4 of the important stuff. But for some reason, I made her cry! Eh wala akong baong jokes, except the impromptu thing I popped about volunteering as a proxy for her twin brother’s fiancee. Haha.


Went to Mio’s, brought dessert. Grandslam (chocolatey goodie like tiramisu but flaky) and Jealous Sweetheart (greentea cheesecake which Yo described as ewwww). Talked about typical stuff with a twist…¬†guidance counseling, wet dreams, teaching, call centers, surfing, beaches, (yep, I did say wetdreams hahaha), fruit photography… (yes, I did say fruit photography. what a fruitful profession! hahahaha)

Fun fast and furious tambay. Fruitful, too!

LOL. Secret pun!


Many thanks to Joanna Katrina for introducing me to Kitchen and Mio.

You’re a rockin’ bunneh!!!


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Booze Stop again last night. With Joko, Kassy, Carlo (nabuhay na namang muli! at na-inlove pa kay Kasuy! kam on, baby panda…. baaaarrrfff!!!) and CJ.

Couple of hours of kulitan. Happy happy! But me lazy lazy to kwento now.

Plans to go to Daet on October 29 to 31…. but I have to go to work. ūüė¶ paano na ang pagiging surfer ko? Paano na ako makakapag-TUNNEL? Ampotah, tube pala. TUBE! Haha. Fail! :p

Invites to Cream Halloween Ball on the 30th. Wanna go, but how can I super enjoy without my girls? ūüė¶ (But hey Mia Boo, thanks for the invites!)

Got home early. Cinderella-early, even! Was supposed to go to sleep earlier than usual. After a few minutes of zzzzZZzzz’s, was awakened by texts and calls from – – -. Eto na naman. Eto na naman. Hmmmm…


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Mio’s * 101309

That’s Jay (I think), Jef, Mio, Me, Joko and Lorraine. Photo taken by James.
What do we have in common?
We all surf.
They got their boards. I got my plate.



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Instant Headache


I tried to do my Christmas 2009 Budget.

Pwede bang hug na lang iregalo ko sa inyo?

Nakanamppp.. I have my birthday to think about pa. Plus my Daddy’s 60th birthday. At gusto talaga n’yang magcelebrate with the less fortunate kids of Morong!

Santa, kung nababasa mo ito, hayop ka. Matagal ka nang may atraso sa akin. Magpadala ka sa akin ng limpak-limpak na salapi. Now na!

Punyeta. Penge nga ng Biogesic. Mga 97 pieces. Lalantakan ko like popcorn! Pakisama na rin sa padala si John Lloyd. Please lang.


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Broken Surfboard, Chili Flakes, Training Boys and Baobab Trees

We didn’t attend the¬† Habitat for Humanity benefit in Barcino because of a myriad of reasons, the most important of which was that I didn’t feel pretty. And hell yeah, I will not apologize this time for vanity over charity.

We didn’t let the night go to waste. We spent it in Mio’s pad to learn and relearn a number of things, like:

* When there is a broken surfboard (e.g. Jef’s), it’s Joko’s fault. Even if it’s not really broken, it’s Joko’s fault. Even if it’s really Mio’s fault, it’s still Joko’s fault.

* Yellow Cab pizza with chili flakes¬†plus¬†JokoCarlaKassyKweSander’s noodles with¬†secret sauce and¬†dumplings… surprisingly good together!

*¬†Girls train boys. And gaddamit, they¬†already know! ¬†They know because Mio has been telling every boy in town! And mind you, he’s been around! Girls, beware! Think twice before announcing that you are thirsty. The man who gives you a glass of water might just be there for the game of proving there is a training indeed! LOL, paranoid much? :p

* Baobab trees are awesome with its footlong flowers,¬†gargantuan¬†trunk¬†circumference and mention in Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince. Thank you, BBC’s Planet Earth.



I will be posting the pictures later.

I hope the benefit last night was successful.

I want to go to Madagascar (while singing and dancing to I like to move it move it) and wrap my arms around a Baobab tree before I die.


listening to: Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are

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