Broken Surfboard, Chili Flakes, Training Boys and Baobab Trees

We didn’t attend the  Habitat for Humanity benefit in Barcino because of a myriad of reasons, the most important of which was that I didn’t feel pretty. And hell yeah, I will not apologize this time for vanity over charity.

We didn’t let the night go to waste. We spent it in Mio’s pad to learn and relearn a number of things, like:

* When there is a broken surfboard (e.g. Jef’s), it’s Joko’s fault. Even if it’s not really broken, it’s Joko’s fault. Even if it’s really Mio’s fault, it’s still Joko’s fault.

* Yellow Cab pizza with chili flakes plus JokoCarlaKassyKweSander’s noodles with secret sauce and dumplings… surprisingly good together!

* Girls train boys. And gaddamit, they already know!  They know because Mio has been telling every boy in town! And mind you, he’s been around! Girls, beware! Think twice before announcing that you are thirsty. The man who gives you a glass of water might just be there for the game of proving there is a training indeed! LOL, paranoid much? :p

* Baobab trees are awesome with its footlong flowers, gargantuan trunk circumference and mention in Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince. Thank you, BBC’s Planet Earth.



I will be posting the pictures later.

I hope the benefit last night was successful.

I want to go to Madagascar (while singing and dancing to I like to move it move it) and wrap my arms around a Baobab tree before I die.


listening to: Billy Joel – Just The Way You Are

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  1. jokoness

     /  October 15, 2009

    I want to travel and see a baoab tree too! 🙂
    Har har! post the vids iya, or pwede edit ko tapos lagyan ko ng music? haha!

    badtrip di ba? ako pa rin may kasalanan?? haha!

  2. yep ia-upload ko this weekend. kaw na bahala mag-edit. :p

    ikaw ang salarin! baket ka naninira kasi ng board kahit na tinago lang ni mio???? bad bunny, baddd!


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