Booze Stop again last night. With Joko, Kassy, Carlo (nabuhay na namang muli! at na-inlove pa kay Kasuy! kam on, baby panda…. baaaarrrfff!!!) and CJ.

Couple of hours of kulitan. Happy happy! But me lazy lazy to kwento now.

Plans to go to Daet on October 29 to 31…. but I have to go to work. 😦 paano na ang pagiging surfer ko? Paano na ako makakapag-TUNNEL? Ampotah, tube pala. TUBE! Haha. Fail! :p

Invites to Cream Halloween Ball on the 30th. Wanna go, but how can I super enjoy without my girls? 😦 (But hey Mia Boo, thanks for the invites!)

Got home early. Cinderella-early, even! Was supposed to go to sleep earlier than usual. After a few minutes of zzzzZZzzz’s, was awakened by texts and calls from – – -. Eto na naman. Eto na naman. Hmmmm…


listening to: the Buendia buzz

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