Kitchen again! Had dindin with Yo. Ribbit and sundried tomato pasta. Yum-oh!

Ze besty and I did loads of catching up, didn’t even get to cover 1/4 of the important stuff. But for some reason, I made her cry! Eh wala akong baong jokes, except the impromptu thing I popped about volunteering as a proxy for her twin brother’s fiancee. Haha.


Went to Mio’s, brought dessert. Grandslam (chocolatey goodie like tiramisu but flaky) and Jealous Sweetheart (greentea cheesecake which Yo described as ewwww). Talked about typical stuff with a twist…¬†guidance counseling, wet dreams, teaching, call centers, surfing, beaches, (yep, I did say wetdreams hahaha), fruit photography… (yes, I did say fruit photography. what a fruitful profession! hahahaha)

Fun fast and furious tambay. Fruitful, too!

LOL. Secret pun!


Many thanks to Joanna Katrina for introducing me to Kitchen and Mio.

You’re a rockin’ bunneh!!!


listening to: Diana Reeves – Better Days

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