I was supposed to text Eunice earlier this question, “Do you think he and I really have a chance in being together? No bs, love each other til it hurts kind of together?”

I wanted to ask her because in our circle she is the only person who I think, sincerely believes that he and I have a future in an exclusive romatic relationship. I wanted to know why.

I’m not considering it, just curious.

See, I’ve always loved him. It’s not the kind of love I feel for another friend. BUT it’s not the kind of love I have given Gio or gave JA. YET I did tell him eons ago that there was a point I was almost in love with him.

I know he loves me, too. What kind of love, I don’t know. I’m not sure. BUT my best guess is he loves me as a friend as much as he loves what benefits go along with the friendship.

But oh well. So much for curiosity.

No answer can pacify my disappointment now.

No one can explain where this disappointment is from.

He’s in love again.


listening to: Boys and Girls – Five Minutes to Midnight

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  1. kiara

     /  November 26, 2009



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