Sunday in Cuenca

Congratulations to Manila Toffee Company for

being featured in Manila Standard

November 27 article


for selling lots of truffles, toffee and statement aprons in the St James Bazaar (Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang)

MTC (Carla, Kathlene, Joanna) and friends (Me, Derick and Kassy)


Aside from the MTC goodies, my tummy became happy because of these yummies:

H Cuisine’s angus beef belly with demiglace gravy and sauteed vegetables (P150.00 only! I give it 9 out of 1o! Sort of curbed my desire to eat wagyu. Sort of.)

tad disappointing Takoyaki Balls because there’s no katsuobushi (fish shavings)… good thing the sauce (okonomiyaki?) was delish

our round girl, Kwe hehehe!

Hecky’s Cebu style lechon’s a definite win! Succulent and flavorful! I just wish for better vinegar.

Yoh-gurt Froz + blueberries + butterscotch bits + white chocolate chips = my newest favorite combo 🙂

starless sky and a stellar bazaar (camphone can’t do it justice)

I spent around 1k just on bazaar food alone, but it was worth it.  I must have exhausted my weekly calorie and cholesterol count in one day. :p

Until the next Bazaar!


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No fail Friday happy treat!

Babaw lang. Every Friday, for the past few months, I eat the same afternoon merienda.

Petite Sukiyaki and California Maki.

I love Bento Pop.

Thank you universe for easy access, inexpensive Japanese food.


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Fine, I like her already.

Back in 2003, I was one of the millions addicted to watching Star Circle Quest. I rooted for Hero Angeles, because like many (gullible) viewers, my heart went out to him and his champorado for Christmas story. And of course, I hated Sandara Park with a passion because I thought she’s just an alien with a short showbiz shelf life. Last I heard about her showbiz career was that she posed for sexy mag. The kind of move that’s sort of common to starlets wanting to hold on to their dwindling fame.

Sandara and Hero 6 years ago

Give this girl a sandwich.

But look at Sandara now. I got the short showbiz shelf life right when it comes to Pinoy showbiz but her fame skyrocketed in her homebase. She’s now part of a very successful Korean girl group, 2NE1 and I am not ashamed to admit that I like their songs. And hell yes, their song, Fire is on loop in my playlist.

Who would have thought? 🙂

Hello, Dara.

Ten years ago, I hated Britney and I am obsessed with her now. (Oh no, wait, that’s Joko) Maybe things will be the same with Sandara.

Haha, still far fetched. But yeah, I like her already.


listening to: 2NE1 – I Don’t Care

Birthday Wishlist 2009

(written yesterday, late post :P)

One month to go before Christmas means one month minus five days to go before I turn a year older! Ergo, you have that much time to get me a gift! :p This year, this almost-28-year-old demands desires the following:

1. Statement Tees – long ones, preferably up to my hips

2. Necklaces – long chain, large pendant (no stars, no hearts)

3. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol – eff you if you send me a .pdf file

4. Board Shorts – throw in a flaming red rashguard if you think I can learn to surf this lifetime. Haha, you prolly don’t, so won’t :p

5. Cute Bed Covers – with equally cute cases for large pillows

6. The Nanny/ Mr. Belvedere DVDs – ask your friendly debede suki to find the complete series

7. 2010 Planner – non-Starbucks, please

8. Embellished Clutch – non-matrona style, chicas!

9. A Boo Doll – been wanting once since I lost my doll, Twinkle… so that makes 5 years! Oh, the never-ending separation anxiety!

10. Knee Length Dresses – which I can wear to work and still be fab in when I go grab dindin in GB after

11. Hella Huge Purse – that I can stuff my essentials into.. you know I’m a girlscout!

12. Jericho Rosales – haha, this is so 3 years ago, but maybe this year will be different… *ahem PSA friends*

13. A Small Unforgettable Celebration – that can get me drunk without passing out, hence– no local beers!

14. Lots of money – so you can relax and let me worry about the shopping. :p

Will post more gift ideas! You know I will! 😉


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Horror in Maguindanao

I did not know the gravity of the massacre that just happened in Maguindanao until I saw this status repost in FB:

“My wife’s private parts were slashed four times, after which they fired a bullet into it. They speared both of her eyes, shot both her breasts, cut off her feet, fired into her mouth. I could not begin to describe the manner by which they treated her.” — Buluan Vice Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu

This is such a horrible, horrible proof that amongst us exist monsters. Monsters that do not have even the slightest of fears to hurt and destroy a life. And in this case, LIVES were destroyed in vain.

May all those responsible for this monstrosity pay with their very own unworthy lives and ripped souls. I pray that God’s justice be delivered swiftly through man’s justice. No space for flaw this time or anytime, Philippines. This I ask with all the hope and faith in my heart.


listening to: nothing

Cuenca Bazaar 2009

It’s the season to be jolly! It’s the season to spend!

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES, CANDIES, TOFFEE, CAKES , PASTRIES & STATEMENT APRONS! Catch me and my girls at the St. James the Great Bazaar on November 27-30,2009. Football Field, Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang.

OPEN FOR ADVANCE CHRISTMAS ORDERS! (special rates for advance orders!)

my personal faves are: dark chocolate vanilla and English toffee

i want the The Man-The Legend apron for my boss! :p

I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. Friends, contact me in my Globe line. Future-friends, you can reach me at 0917.3490855. Madali ako kausap for discounts. Hehehe. :p

See you!


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Happy Weekend + Not-So-Bad Monday

1. Finally got to buy the phone that I want, Samsung G810. Yaaaaay! Happy camera and wifi capability! And it’s big! Big toys for the big… errr… boys? LOL. Weh basta, I luuuuurve it!

2. Saw Ate Dons again. Kumain kami sa Flapjacks and nag-kwentuhan marathon just like old times. I labshu, Ate Dons!

panfried fish (see above pic) with grilled chicken salad (not in the pic…naubos ng hindi napicture-an) = ngamngamngam

3. Chocolate Castle. I accompanied Joko to get ingredients for the bazaar in Cuenca. Huwaaaawwww… cholicates eybreewer! Langit!

4. Rodic’s! Yaaaaay! Panalo food combo with Carla and Joks again. Tapsilog + sinigang na malapot ang sabaw because of the gabi. Winner!!!

5. Trinoma for New Moon sana, pero bwakanangbitch ang haba ng pila (as expected dapat pero nashock pa ren ako) so Toys R Us na lang and Red Mango. LOL. Ang dami nang nakakomisyong toys na bibilhin namin for Carla’s daughter. And about the yogurt… kiwi + muesli + chocolate…. excellent! 🙂

Joko’s fave

6. Parvati Dessert Tasting… dozens of sweets! Hala, sige… hataw! 1/3 of the desserts were awesome, stuff that I’d buy when Parvati’s already open… 1/3 were so-so, kakainin ko ‘pag trip lang at wala ng better choice… 1/3 were shit ang kapal ng mukha bakit sumali pa sa event. Shempre nasa awesome yummy yung truffles and toffee and brownies nila Joko and Kwe. At walang bias ‘yan.

my dessert plate

ang matatakaw and proud of it hehe

7. Jaden Slater’s binyag. Well, di na kami nakahabol ni Joko sa simbahan kasi galing pa ang lola sa tree planting with Mark Villar sa Las Pinas (wooot Team Villar? hehe) kaya sa Las Brisas na lang kami pumunta. Ayan. May bago na naman kaming inaanak. So  Ejay is now exbf-kumpare in my phonebook. Hehe.

exbf kumpare Ejay and his other baby (wala ako picture ni Jaden eh! hoy Eej, upload mo na!)

Jaden’s gorgeous godparents 😛

8. New Moon. Grabe. Joko drove like a madwoman (but she insists being called cool maniac) from Antipolo (where the binyag was held) to Makati (Cash & Carry… dyan ang sinehan na pinili namin para sure na may upuan kami because was useless last weekend) Sulit naman yung frightening moments ko sa daan na gusto na niya magspit sa mga drivers na nagpapabagal sa amin kasi nahabol namin ang New Moon at I kid you not, half of the movie, hinihintay ko lang si Taylor Lautner maghubad. Edward who? Jacob is the shit! LOL, cougar-ish, but oh well. So, sue me. Fuck you, pinagnanasaan mo rin naman s’ya. Umamin ka.

*drrroools* *faints* *gets up* *faints again*

9. Bibingka. Ace and I went to a job fair and kasabay ng pre-Christmas something ng organizers. ‘say win ang fair, pero win yung ang dami ko na nakitang Christmas lights at nakapagchikahan kami ni Acey Ace over bibingka. Yum! I’m finally feeling a lil bit Christmas-ey. 🙂

10. And yeah, nag-aadik ako sa Bad Romance ni Lady Gaga and 2NE1’s Fire. Eto na naman, wait napapa-indak na naman ako…



listening  to: 2NE1 – Fire


Excited sana ako magblog about what happened to me for the past few days, pero may nakasira ng mood ko.

Anyway, basta. Eto na lang, nanood kami ng New Moon kahapon. Edward who? Jacob? Wooooohooo! Sexy!


listening to: Katy Perry – Waking Up in Vegas

Of Pocket Friendships and Alabang

You know how it is when you’re with a large group of people you all consider friends and you have a smashing good time, but sometimes you have a smashing better time when you are with just a few of them?

That’s what I feel when I’m with Donnie and Eunice aka Herbert and Harlene (do your pinoy showbiz thing). I’m always guaranteed to have my tummy hurt out of excessive laughter each time we hang out, and that is even most of the time, I don’t know what we’re even laughing about! Of course, I love being with them plus Jap and Colleen, but there are just some topics that won’t cut when the group gets bigger.

I was with them last Monday night at TGI Friday’s ATC. It’s a relief to know that I am making shiny, happy memories in Alabang. God knows I avoided Alabang for a long time because I didn’t want to risk seeing someone who used to have the power to make my moods shift– from fantastic to horrible.

Anyhooz, here are some pics from that night:

eunice me donnie

good ol’ chicken fingers (yung honey mustad lang actually ang gusto ko hehe)

the Bautista duo

with the special participation of Edward aka panggulo lang hahaha j/k

Wait. So if they are Herbs and Harlene… who am I? Hero?


listening to: U2 – Elevation

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