Excerpt from The FB Chat with The Crush from Gradeschool

Him: It’s nice to know you still remember me.
Me: Yea, of course I remember you. I will not be shocked if YOU don’t remember me. Haha.
Him: Haha, I remember my batchmates!
(As if makakalimutan niya ako, eh sobrang pathetic, stalker-ish yung pagkacrush ko sa kanya when we were 12! To a point na pina-recopy ko yung gradpic niya. Mga 3 dozens yata! At major kinaibigan ko yung sister niya. At pinapadaan ko lagi yung driver ni Daddy sa village nila na sobraaaaang layo sa bahay namin.)
Me: Ok, then you do.
Him: Are you married now?
Me: Huwatttt? Hell no.
Him: Significant other?
Me: (puta, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation) Uhhh, the SO and I parted ways for good last month.
Him: I’m sorry to hear that. Are you ok now?
Me: Yep. Swimming in a sea of emotional void. Hehehehe.
Him: You’ll meet the right one sooner that you expect.
Me: Wow, coming from experience? Are you married now?
Him: No, but i’m in love!
Me: (putaputa, lahat na lang in love!) Good for you. (?) Schoolmate natin?
Him: You know I’m secretive.
Me: So, schoolmate nga natin. Hahahahaha. Getting married na?
Him: No. Kelangan ko muna umuwi ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko pa alam sa girl.
Me: So, nasaan ka nga?
Him: 🙂
Me: You’re not in Singapore anymore, right?
Him: Wala na. I’d rather not say.
Me: Ayaw pa sabihin. Don’t worry. Hindi na kita crush. I will not stalk you.
Him: Ha??? That’s not what I meant!!!!! Huuuuyyyy!

Hehehe, I was just trying to push my luck. I know that he won’t tell me because he experienced a reallyreallybad incident here in Pinas almost a decade ago, and he’s limiting his connection with everyone here. I hope he’ll be able to come to terms with his past. He’s such a good guy. buti pa noong gradeschool ako, marunong ako pumili. Hehe. I’m glad I got to talk to him again. : ) I’ll be gladder if I see him next year when he comes home for a visit. 🙂


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Southside 4 The Halloween

My 4 original Halloween options were
* Cream Ball (with no real costume… gasp!!!)
* Zenses Party (for the liquid nitrogen goodies)
* NU Rock Awards (because of the sayang tickets RJ gave) and
* Booze Stop (just because it’s just right there)

Because of the blasted typhoon Santi, I ended up spending Friday night…
* meeting up with Doc Cj to give him a pep talk about the Real surf trip (no, I did not tell him to do a “tunnel”, though he might have believed me. newbie!)
* having 2 dinners, both Japanese (yum!)
* reading old magazines (apparently, there are stuff in Cosmo that i don’t know about. or i might have just forgotten?)
* watching The Ugly Truth (Katherine Heigl is my new Julia Roberts. can’t help but picture Gerard Butler screaming Spaaarrrrrrttttaaaaaa!!!)

And so I finished watching 3am, drifted off to dreamlalaland and woke up to:
* an SMS from Ibou that said, “Ma’am sorry po. Hindi po ako makakapasok. Nagliliparan na po mga bubong dito. Natatakot po akong lumabas.” Hmmm, roofs flying? WTH’s happened? Santi did.
* no water
* no electricity
* no way to stay in this part of Makati…

So, I went to Joko’s house in Laguna. There, I…
* ate a lot. It goes without saying, actually. Hehe.
* played with her babies, Napoleon Visa and Happy Dollar. I have a shih tzu and a boston terrier for granchildren?
* took Bie’s tarot deck for a jumpstart
* nagshower, naghilamos, nangtoothbrush using mineral water

After which, we went out to celebrate Halloween sans the trick or treat. We
* had pizza and pasta in Brooklyn. Saw Eunice there who for some reason, kept baring her shoulder. LOL.
* went to Ruins to buy dvd’s (Wheee! bought Lost Worlds documentary, American Psycho and Across The Universe. Joko bought a lot. Panic buying yata tawag dun!)
* went to Conti’s to take out dessert. Mango Bravo and Turtle Pie!
* had drinks with the cakes at Tarvern with Donnie. mango cake + red wine = love …………….. add 2 of my bestest friends and it’s lovelove!

Went home and spent the rest of my stay in the Magalong residence…
* watching dvd and cooking shows (Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s wicked! Watch it watch it watch it!!!! Paula Deen/Bobby Flay/Iron chefs/Top Chefs… I want to be your friend! Feed meeeeee!!!!)
* missing Carla 😦 (LLB, kumain kami ng marami for you!)
* playing with Joko’s babies, Napoleon Visa and Happy Dollar (so this makes me Lola Bunny of a shih tzu and a boston terrier)
* talking about “The Monday Plan”

Hmmm, today is Monday and my girls (and some of our boys, lol) are in Real for surfing. I’m in the confines of the office, silently cursing myself for promising my boss that I’ll be working today. I wish I can be in Real now, surfing taking pictures of them surfing after wow-ing them with my tunnel moves.

Oh well. Belated happy halloween, everyone! May you be enjoying the break, spending qt with your loved ones!


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